Prophet is cited as ‘exemplary man’

BYU students selected President Ezra Taft Benson as their "best man" this year, presenting him with their prestigious Exemplary Manhood Award. A group of students visited President Benson in his office April 10 to make the presentation.

In place of the usual stipend that accompanies the award, students donated 1,703 copies of the Book of Mormon in President Benson's name to the Family-to-Family Book of Mormon Program."We couldn't think of anything you needed more," said Heather Linebarger, who headed the Book of Mormon drive. "We just decided, `Let's flood the earth with the Book of Mormon.' "

She explained that a booth was placed on the BYU campus, and students lined up to donate for the books.

"How did you do it?" President Benson asked. "Smile?"

"No," she replied. "We put your picture in the booth."

"This is overwhelming," he responded.

Mark Crockett, BYU Student Service Association president, said President Benson was given the award "for your support of us, the students of BYU." Also cited was President Benson's "missionary spirit, service in the government, appreciation for the Book of Mormon, and long service to BYU."

"You are the best man we could think of this year," said Crockett.

President and Sister Benson have taken part in the Family-to-Family Book of Mormon Project for many years.