Members should avoid participation in some self-awareness groups

Many resources in the community provide effective help for members experiencing social or emotional problems. However, some questionable groups that purport to increase self-awareness, self-esteem, or self-actualization often use methods that may result in added stress, marital discord, and even divorce.

Members should avoid participation in groups that challenge religious and moral values or advocate unwarranted confrontation with spouse or family members in order to reach one's potential. Beware of groups that meet late into the evening or early morning hours over several days. This approach tends to lower inhibitions and encourage confession and disclosure of personal information in ways that may later be damaging to the individual. It may foster unnecessary physical contact among participants. Groups advocating such techniques are often expensive. They tend to promise quick solutions to problems that normally require time and personal effort to resolve. Although participants may feel some initial relief, they often find their old problems returning.Members should be reminded that the process of finding oneself comes through living gospel principles. Members experiencing social or emotional problems may wish to consult with priesthood leaders for guidance in identifying resources that are in harmony with gospel principles. Priesthood leaders should inform members for whom this counsel might be needful or of interest.

  • Bulletin, 1989-3