LDS skater takes bronze at World Figure Skating Championships

Holly Cook of Bountiful, Utah, won the bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships here March 10, reaching what is believed to be the highest placing in world skating for an LDS woman.

Winning the gold medal was Jill Trenary of the United States, while Midori Ito of Japan garnered the silver. Ito was last year's world champion.A member of the Bountiful 53rd Ward, Bountiful Utah North Stake, and an 1989 graduate of Viewmont High School, the 19-year-old skater has been skating since she was 4 1/2, and in February placed third at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships held in Salt Lake City and Bountiful.

The bronze medal qualifies the LDS skater to be a part of the world championship skating tour that will go to 25 cities. After the tour, she will return to Bountiful, where she most likely will resume her training for the 1992 Olympic team tryouts.

Noted assistant team leader Morry Stillwell, "She's an extremely strong skater. She will get even better as her confidence grows."