New stake presidencies: John Duane Bernards

Three new stakes have been created, one in Mexico and two in El Salvador.

Elder Richard G. Scott of the Council of the Twelve created a new stake in Colonia Dublan, Mexico. The new stake consists of the Dublan 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Grandes 1st and 2nd wards, and Hidalgo, Enriquez, Ascension, E. Benito Juarez, and San Buenaventura branches.The San Salvador El Salvador Los Heroes Stake and the San Salvador El Salvador Soyapango Stake were created by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Council of the Twelve. The Los Heroes Stake consists of the Arce, Montserrat, Miramonte, Merliot, and Santa Teclas wards and the Los Heroes, Miralvalle, Los Palmeras, Lourdes, Campestre, and Joyas branches. The Soyapango stake includes the Apopa, El Pepeto, Las Victorias, Palenca, Prusia, and Refineria wards and the Delgado, El Limon, Las Flores, and Solteros Soyapango branches.

The San Salvador El Salvador, San Salvador El Salvador Cuscatlan, and San Salvador El Salvador Ilopanga stakes were also reorganized.

Elsewhere, stakes were reorganized in Bountiful and Salt Lake City, Utah; Chimaltenango, Guatemala; Louisville, Ky.; Mexico City; Phoenix, Ariz.; Portland, Ore.; Sacramento, Calif.; Safford, Ariz.; and Zamboanga, Philippines.

New Stakes

BOUNTIFUL UTAH STONECREEK STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1990) President – John Duane Bernards, 49, district manager for electrical distributor, succeeding Richard S. Lemon; former high councilor, stake and ward mission leader, and elders quorum president, married Louise Millard. Counselors – David W. McSwain, 36, manager of supply and distributing company, former stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop, and elders quorum president, married Sheila Bangerter; Jim W. Bangerter, 35, self-employed, former high councilor, bishop, and Young Men president's counselor, married Sherrie Lynn Hansen.