Three women are honored for lives of service

Three sisters born in 1900 attended Relief Society homemaking night recently to find the cultural hall decorated with balloons, party favors and tables displaying pictures of themselves and their families. It was a surprise birthday party put on by sisters in the Springville 23rd Ward, Springville Utah Stake for Melda Porter (birthday Feb. 18), Beth Berrett (Nov. 6) and Leah Harrison (Sept. 19) – all 90 years old this year.

Susan Richey, ward Relief Society president, felt it was unusual to have three women in one ward born in 1900 and decided it was cause for celebration."We collected some handicrafts these three sisters had made and memorabilia from their past," Sister Richey said. "They have lived through so many interesting times in history, and we thought it would be nice to get a feel for what it was like – what they had lived through."

Displayed on the tables were paintings, quilts, handmade articles and clothing, an old phonograph and heavy irons.

Priests in the Aaronic Priesthood escorted the three women for the evening, while young women served supper. Then tributes were read by children of each of the three.

All three also were recognized for giving countless hours of service to the Church over the years.

The evening's activities concluded with a medley of old-time songs performed by four couples in the ward dressed in turn-of-the-century costumes.

Some of the younger members of the ward remarked that it was great to get to know the three sisters in a new light, and to let them know that they have been good examples to those who follow.