As Church grows, so does the almanac

The 1991-1992 Deseret News Church Almanac, which keeps up with the Church, is larger than ever before.

As the Church grows, it adds more stakes, more missions and more General Authorities. It also has more history and makes more news.Because of this, the newest almanac, which will be available by Dec. 1, will have a greater scope of information than any of its predecessors.

But, while many things have gone up in price during the past two years, the almanac has not, and will be available for the same price as the 1989-1990 almanac.

The highlight of the new almanac is a section on the worldwide Church that features brief histories of the Church in more than 100 nations and territories.

For example, Czechoslovakia, which was reopened for missionary work last July, has a long history of missionary work. The almanac notes that Elder Thomas Biesinger began missionary work in that country in 1884. But authorities refused to allow him to proselyte. He was legally able to baptize one convert, however. The convert, Anthon Just, was baptized on June 21, 1884.

Elder Biesinger left the country a short time later and missionary work was halted. In 1928 as an aged man of 84 with a burning desire to see his mission completed, Elder Biesinger returned to Czechoslovakia to do missionary work. On his second attempt, he received legal permission for the Church to be established. This paved the way for the Czechoslovakia Mission, which was organized July 24, 1929, by Elder John A. Widtsoe, president of the European Mission, and, except for during World War II, remained open until 1950.

Orders are being accepted by the Deseret News for the almanac, which, if received promptly, will be shipped in time for Christmas.

To order, send $7.50, which includes postage and handling, to Church Almanac, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Use the accompanying coupon to order. Almanacs may also be purchased for $6 at the Deseret News offices, 30 E. 100 South, Salt Lake City.