Family history moments: Savor every morsel

I had just received a new calling as a librarian at our Church family history center when the following incident happened.

It occurred about a year ago, while I was living in the Columbine 2nd Ward in the Columbine Colorado Stake. I did not anticipate the blessings that would come my way with my new calling.My mother-in-law had worked in the library for several years, and with her encouragement, I had finally made time to work there also.

She was training me on this particular Wednesday morning, and I had mentioned to her that I had a Snow family from Massachusetts on my pedigree chart.

At the mention of that name, a patron who was not a member of the Church turned to listen to our conversation.

"Do you mean Nicholas and Constance Snow from Massachusetts?" she asked.

As we compared notes, we learned we were related through the Snows' sons Mark and Stephen.

As we were very vocal in our delight, another patron – also not a Church member – entered the library and noticed our exuberance. Recognizing familiar names, she joined in on the conversation, and we learned that she, too, is our cousin by yet another son of Nicholas and Constance Snow.

These patrons have shared with me their family group sheets and histories containing information I did not have previously.

Through further research I found many of the family members of the early settlers of New England intermarried, so we are related by more families than just the Snows.

My first priority in this calling is to help the patrons who frequent the library. However, in doing that I have been blessed with an insatiable appetite for family history.

I'm sure I will one day encounter a stumbling block that brings me to a standstill in my family history research. But for now, while I am so fortunate, I will savor every morsel of information and delight in each name taken to the temple. – M. Cris Howell, Colorado Springs (Colo.) 9th Ward

(Another in a series of "Family History Moments." Illustration by Deseret News artist Reed McGregor.)