Year-long gospel essentials class added to Sunday School program

The Gospel Essentials course will no longer be a supplemental class in the Sunday School curriculum now that the course has been changed from 12-week to 12-month instruction, the Sunday School general presidency has announced.

The change comes in response to the increase in convert baptisms and the strong reactivation program that has been implemented throughout the Church, said Elder Hugh W. Pinnock, Sunday School general president."Because of this we needed extra emphasis on teaching basic gospel essentials," reported Fred S. Ball, a member of the Sunday School general board in charge of the new course. "Members should not think that this is just another adult Sunday School class.

"Those who attend will probably be called by a member of the bishopric or the Sunday School presidency. And anyone who feels like they need a more basic understanding of gospel principles can also attend."

The course change was announced a few months ago and is being initiated in wards and branches throughout the Church.

The Gospel Principles manual will be used in the year-long course, Elder Pinnock added. The manual can be utilized from year to year as a teacher's guide.

"This is one course where the students will have the same manual as the teacher. It is the only one in the Sunday School. And we still rely on members to bring their scriptures, which is the main text for this