Stake leader, a ‘facts buff,’ enjoys almanac

Pres. Harold W. Bodon of the Joplin Missouri Stake describes himself as a statistics and history buff.

"When I first picked up the almanac, I read it from front to back," he said. "I never put it down until I was through."Pres. Bodon and many other readers who purchased copies of the Deseret News 1991-1992 Church Almanac found it is a book they could get into easier than they could get away from.

"I went through the General Authorities first," he said. "I was especially interested in the General Authorities from the 19th century. I read about how many stakes we have in which parts of the world.

"I was interested to see the temples and how many are operating.

"The almanac took a lot of time. It is a good thing I was on vacation when it arrived."

Pres. Bodon next did what a sensible "history and statistics buff" does: he ordered copies for his counselors and executive secretary.

To order your copy of the almanac, send $7.50, which includes postage and handling, to Church Almanac, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Use the adjacent coupon to order. Almanacs may also be purchased for $6 at the Deseret News office, 30 E. 100 South, Salt Lake City.

And then set aside a couple of hours for the day it arrives.