New directors called to head 15 visitors centers

Robert B Harbertson, a former member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, will be the new director of the Temple Square Visitors Center. He is one of 15 new directors of visitors centers called by the First Presidency.

The new directors include former temple and mission presidents, regional representatives and stake presidents. They were trained at the Missionary Training Center and Temple Square during the last part of January and will begin their service Feb. 1.Released as a General Authority in 1989 after serving for five years, Brother Harbertson, 58, served as a regional representative, mission president, Young Men General Board member and bishop. The former business executive and his wife, Norma Creer Harbertson, are members of the Farmington 2nd Ward, Farmington Utah South Stake. He will succeed Ralph O. Bradley, who has been serving since 1989.

The other new leaders are listed by visitors centers.

Arizona Temple Visitors Center: Earl M. Wallace, 66, is a former stake president, high councilor, bishop and bishop's counselor who retired from longtime employment with US WEST Communications. He and his wife, Esther Jackson Wallace, are members of the Holladay 10th Ward, Salt Lake Holladay Stake.

Hawaii Temple Visitors Center: John L. Hepworth, 63, was a supervisor on Temple Square from 1978-90. He has served as high councilor, stake mission president and in various other stake and ward callings. He is a retired research chemist who developed rocket fuels. He and his wife, Caryl Wilma Peterson Hepworth, were serving in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission from the Brigham City 14th Ward, Brigham City Utah Stake, when he was called as visitor center director.

Independence (Mo.) Visitors Center: Allen C. Rozsa, 66, a retired Air Force colonel and financial executive, is former president of the Los Angeles Temple, and counselor in the temple presidency. He has served as regional representative, mission president, and stake president. In 1966, he was zone president over servicemen in Vietnam. He and his wife, Dawna Ruth Phillips Rozsa, are members of the Irvine 4th Ward, Santa Ana California Stake.

Joseph Smith Memorial in Vermont: Rulon W. Cluff, 60, is a former stake mission president, stake mission leader, high councilor and high priests group leader. He is a retired Army pilot and air traffic controller. He and his wife, Joye Allred Cluff, are members of the Oak Hills 2nd Ward, Provo Utah Oak Hills Stake.

Kirtland (Ohio) Historical Sites: Donald S. Brewer, 63, retired president of an advertising company, is a former mission president, stake president, stake president's counselor, regional welfare agent and bishop. He and his wife, LaVon Ruth Stoker Brewer, are members of the Granite Park Ward, Salt Lake Granite Stake.

Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center: John C. Riches Jr., 64, owner of a metals company, has served as mission president, stake president's counselor, high councilor, stake mission president, and bishop. He and his wife, Marilyn Buehner Riches, are members of the Murray 25th Ward, Murray Utah Stake.

Mexico City Temple Visitors Center: Mearl K. Bair, 69, a retired Church accountant, is a former mission president, director of the Mexico City Missionary Training Center, stake patriarch, stake president's counselor and high councilor. He and his wife, La Priel Sorensen Bair, are members of the Bountiful 26th Ward, Bountiful Utah Stake.

Montevideo (Uruguay) Visitors Center: Leon Lopez Alavez, 66, a retired meetinghouse construction supervisor in northern Mexico, has served as district and branch president, stake choir director and bishop's counselor. He and his wife, Paula Jacome Soto de Lopez, are members of the Tempe 4th Ward, Tempe Arizona Stake.

Nauvoo Visitors Center: Hyrum M. Smith, 64, former director of guidance for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C., is a former temple sealer, stake patriarch and served twice as bishop, and bishop's counselor. He and his wife, Dorothy Monson Smith, are members of the Bellevue 1st Ward, Bellevue Washington Stake.

New York City Visitors Center: Paul Robert Cheesman, 69, a retired BYU professor of Religious Education, is a former mission president, stake president twice, district president and bishop. He and his wife, Millie Rubey Foster Cheesman, are members of the Morningside 1st Ward, Bloomington Hills Utah Stake.

Oakland Temple Visitors Center: Deloris L. Stokes, 71, a farmer, has served as mission president, counselor in the Logan Temple presidency, counselor in a stake presidency and bishop. He and his wife, Eleda Vee Smith Stokes, are members of the Bothwell Ward, Tremonton Utah Stake.

San Diego Mormon Battalion Visitors Center: Robert E. Coates, 66, is a former director of operations for Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colo. He served as mission president, district president, high councilor and bishop. He and his wife, Mary Dorothy Mobley Coates, are members of the Aurora Hills Ward, Aurora Colorado Stake.

St. George Temple Visitors Center: Leon T. Ballard, 61, is a former general manager of a building components company and Realtor. Formerly he served as mission president, temple sealer, stake president, patriarch and bishop. He and his wife, Flora Miller Ballard, are members of the Fullerton 3rd Ward, Fullerton California Stake.

Washington Temple Visitors Center: Roland R. Wright, 71, a retired attorney, has served as associate director of Temple Square Visitors Center, mission president, high councilor, bishop and bishop's counselor. He and his wife, Marjorie McDonough Wright, are members of the Monument Park 2nd Ward, Salt Lake Bonneville Stake.