Garden impresses Cabinet leader

A 10-acre garden planted and tended by Church members blossomed into an example of how people can help themselves and each other, according to an article in the New Zealand Herald.

One of New Zealand's cabinet ministers, John Banks, publicly exhorted "those dependent on the state and struggling families" to grow their own vegetables. Mr. Banks was unaware of the garden planted and tended by Church members in Mangere.The newspaper reported that Church leaders obtained permission to plant the garden on overgrown Transit New Zealand land. Most involved in the garden project were unemployed Church members.

When Mr. Banks visited the garden, Bishop Joseph Price told him each family involved saved $50 or more a week on food bills.

"Mr. Banks said the gardens were a tribute to people who looked after their own welfare," the newspaper stated. "He said, `This is what people can do. . . . This is what we should be doing in every corner of this nation.' "

  • R. Scott Lloyd