Poland official sends thanks for supplies

The Relief Society and Intermountain Health Care received an expression of thanks in a letter from Andrzej Kozakiewicz, assistant to President Lech Walesa of Poland, for their donations of medical supplies and other items, particularly clothing and quilts.

Kozakiewicz thanked the organizations in behalf of the Polish people.The supplies were sent earlier this year as part of an international effort known as Medical Aid for Poland Fund.

"To use an American term, the Relief Society and IHC have scored a `home run' in supplying much needed health care assistance to our people," the letter stated.

Intermountain Health Care sent a shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, while the Relief Society donated quilts, blankets and clothing. The donations filled 31 cargo pallets.

Intermountain Health Care coordinated the project, sending the supplies to the city of Katowice. Located in southern Poland, Katowice is the distribution center for medical supplies.