Relief Society general presidency letter invites all to participate

The Relief Society general presidency has sent the following letter to women throughout the Church to be read in Relief Society.

"We send you our love and greetings."The year 1992 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society. Under the direction of the First Presidency, we invite all Church members to join with Relief Society sisters in our anniversary celebration.

"The goals of our commemoration are based on the mission of Relief Society, which is to:

Build personal testimony.

Bless the individual woman.

Develop and exercise charity.

Strengthen families.

Enjoy a unified sisterhood.

"We rejoice in the opportunity to celebrate through service in 1992, as we rededicate our efforts to furthering the work of our Heavenly Father.

"When the Relief Society was founded, Emma Smith, the first Relief Society general president, said, We are going to do something extraordinary.' Because our sisters are extraordinary, so are the accomplishments of Relief Society throughout its history. Our celebration should lift and bless all members of the Church and give us cause to thank our Heavenly Father. May welook forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having [ourT hearts knit together in unity and love one towards another.' " (Mosiah 18:21.)