Great rewards can be found from a ‘clean’ investment

We are in perfect practice to handle this resolution. We've made it enough times (the first of the year and about 20 or so times during the year), but somehow the soil and stuff simply surges ahead of our shovel.

This isn't a costly or complicated resolution, because we know how, we know what, and we really want to … so why do the dust bunnies and disarray beat us? It is because we are using so much energy to fight the filth that we haven't taken time to review the rewards of our resolution. When we want the reward, we'll do it, do it well, and yes I promise, enjoy it.If you make and keep this resolution, be prepared for four big rewards:

  • Being treated better. People generally treat us according to our cleanliness level, because sloppiness says (1) I'm not in control, (2) I don't care, (3) I'll accept anything.

When you shape up yourself, your dwelling, even your community, you will be treated more kindly and more sensitively, and be respected better (probably paid better too!).

  • Your productivity will rise. You've already noticed highly efficient "doers" are generally in order. Doers didn't even make the order; "order" made the doers by giving them better time use. We don't have "days" or even hours anymore to get things done. We find ourselves with only minutes, and we can move mountains within minutes. The process is simple. If you have five minutes to write, call, fix, read or study, do you spend four minutes of it digging, rummaging for the book, pen, number or assignment? If you are in order you can use the full five minutes doing! That is about an 80 percent time gain and much, much less anguish, all accomplished by keeping one tiny resolution.
  • You feel better. Just ponder how much time, money, emotion, travel, buying, eating, attending you did last year to feel better. Feeling good is the essence of all effort, and nothing can facilitate "feeling good" more than cleanliness, order and getting lots done. And best of all, this is a healthy high that costs you nothing, no cash. You don't have to leave home, risk you health or answer to a superior to feel on top of the world.
  • Refinement of spirituality. Can you name a virtue more closely connected to character than cleanliness? Cleanliness has a built-in, guaranteed carryover into conduct. Add the word clean to any aspect of operation: morals, mind, business, competitioni, physical facilities, anything and it upgrades if not solves all problems. Your cleanliness level in all aspects of life affects its quality, the positive or negative resting on the condition.

I repeatedly have received letters from people who for years have struggled with temper, problems, laziness, gossip, punctuality, excessive weight, unable to "overcome" them. However, when they cleaned out their junk, cleaned up their floor, organized their stuff, this giant concept of the real purpose of purity found its way into their being, and instantly they sloughed off the excess they had been battling for years.

Some "time" experts tell me we spend five years of our life in "cleaning-related" activity. We just won't be edified spending all that time with our hand in a toilet and our head in a garbage can, policing messes we shouldn't have left in the first place. If we live dejunked, in order, clean, as we all know how to do, we can cut three years of cleaning chores off the five. Now that is a reward worthy of this 1992 resolution.

The final and best reward is establishing even one good cleaning habit. It repeats from then on, and it blesses you every day for the rest of your life, maybe 15,000 more times. That is a great return on a "clean" investment. This is the perfect year, the perfect time to resolve to be "clean" and mean it.