Temple moments

Spiritual possibilities

"The ink was barely dry on our temple recommends before we packed and were on our way to the Oakland Temple to have our marriage sealed for eternity," said Nancy Loebs.Sister Loebs of the Kennewick (Wash.) 11th Ward and her husband, Ed, had recently completed a temple preparation seminar that had opened for them new possibilities of spiritual progression.

The blessings of the gospel had only recently appealed to the couple. When they were married in Oakland 24 years earlier, he was not a member and she was less-active. It was a second marriage for both, and each had children from their previous marriages.

Tragically over the years, she lost two of her sons – David and Stephen. David died in 1964 and Stephen in 1975. Both sons were buried in the Mt. View Cemetery, just a short distance from the Oakland Temple.

In 1986, Sister Loeb was pleasantly surprised when her non-member husband told her that he "wanted to become a Mormon." The influence of his wife and her family and other faithful members had led him to want to be baptized.

"We took the missionary lessons together from stake missionaries, who became dear friends," she said. "My beloved husband was baptized and confirmed in 1987."

The couple took the temple preparation seminars in 1991. "During the temple preparation seminar, I realized that in addition to being sealed to each other, we could also have my two sons sealed to us. They had been baptized as children and, a few years after their deaths, my sister and brother-in-law, Barbara and Bill Hunt, did their work in the Oakland Temple.

The Loebs chose to be sealed in the Oakland Temple. At the temple, they were escorted by old friends from Oakland. However, at the sealing, they needed additional men to be witnesses. The sealer found two young elders about missionary age who were brothers. Having brothers as witnesses for the sealing of brothers was meaningful to the couple.

"The sealing of our marriage was a beautiful and spiritually uplifting moment in our eternal progression," said Sister Loeb. "Having my two sons sealed to us was an overwhelming moment.

"I had felt impressed that they were close to me all that day and I know in my heart that they were with us." – John L. Hart

(Another in a series of "Temple Moments." Illustration by Deseret News artist Reed McGregor.)