Pres. Kapp counsels ricks students to walk in steps of the savior

About 10,000 students and visitors attended Women's Week at Ricks College March 26-29, and participated in workshops, seminars and entertainment events.

The closing fireside, Sunday, March 29, featured Ardeth G. Kapp, Young Women general president, who encouraged the audience to walk in the steps of the Savior.Prior to Pres. Kapp's address, she was presented the Exemplary Womanhood Award by college Pres. Steven D. Bennion.

Centering her comments around the Women's Week theme of "Walk in His Steps," Pres. Kapp said it is essential for one to personally identify with the Savior, to make a daily effort to walk in His steps, and to know there will be promised blessings when one follows the Savior.

"If we are to walk in His steps, we must know our relationship to our Father in Heaven, and to His Son, Jesus Christ," she said. "Do you know who you are? It is knowing who we are that will sustain us when the road gets steep."

Pres. Kapp asked the audience of nearly 4,000 if they have ever asked: "Father, what is my work, my mission, my purpose?"

For some that is to be a wife, a mother, or a grandmother, but for all it is to be "righteous men and women seeking the will of the Father who has sent us," she said.

Some may not walk as easy in His steps because they are loaded down by the heavy cross of pride. "Pride and sin will attempt to drive us from the path," she related.

She told the women to rely on the Lord and seek Him through constant prayer. "Have you ever thought how available He is? Our load can be lightened if we will go to Him in prayer. . . . Sometimes we say our prayers, but we aren't praying."

One can feel the Savior's presence wherever he or she is, she added. "His presence can be felt in your dorm, your home, in your neighborhood and in your lives."

One way "we can feel we're in His steps is when we're in the service of others. . . . Sometimes our day planners, our schedules and our appointments keep us from walking in His steps, but we need to remember that He will know us if we have served Him."

This was one of Pres. Kapp's concluding talks of her eight-year service as Young Women general president. She will be released at general conference to assist her husband, Heber, who was recently called to preside over the British Columbia Vancouver Mission.