Church membership reaches 9 million

The Church has reached the 9 million mark in membership, according to estimates from the Member and Statistical Records Division.

According to recent projections, the Church has added another million since the previous mark of 8 million was reached Sept. 1, 1991.Coincidentally, the number was reached shortly after the Church's 2,000th stake was created on Dec. 11, 1994. By year-end, the Church had 2,008 stakes and more than 21,600 wards and branches.

Church membership has broadened from 135 countries or lands outside the United States in 1991 to about 150 at present. Most of the additional countries are in Africa or Eastern Europe.

The Church's first million-member milestone was reached in 1947; the second, 1963; third, 1971; fourth, 1978; fifth, 1982; sixth, 1986; seventh, 1989; and eighth, 1991.

According to the latest statistics available, the 1993 year-end reports, when the Church had a total membership then of 8,689,000, some 4,520,000 members resided in the United States. Another 2,682,000 members, or 31 percent, resided in Latin American countries, and 1,486,000, or 17 percent, in other countries out of the United States.

The rate of growth since September 1991 has been about 840 new members – the equivalent of about two wards – each day. A typical stake of 3,800 members would have been created every 41/2 days.