Caption only: First Presidency: a busy pace

Photo by Gerry Avant

Photo by Dell Van OrdenPhoto by Mike Cannon

Photo by Dell Van Orden

Photographs #1-4: From left, clockwise, President Gordon B. Hinckley and wife, Marjorie, pause outside Mexico City Temple between dedication sessions in December 1983. President Hinckley speaks to some 1,500 gathered for dedication of pioneer handcart monument in central Wyoming in August 1992. During a dedication ceremony at Cove Fort, Utah, in May 1992, President Hinckley takes cover from the rain. The Church leader pauses beside statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith during dedication services for Carthage Jail in June 1989.

Photo by Stuart Johnson

Photo from Pres. Faust's personal files

Photographs #5-6: Left, President Hinckley's first counselor, President Thomas S. Monson, accompanied by his wife, Frances, waves at wellwishers during 1992 Days of '47 Parade. Right, President Hinckley's second counselor, President James E. Faust, and his wife, Ruth, pause for picture in Bogota, Colombia, in 1990.