Motherhood: A demanding and all-encompassing life

Motherhood is a demanding, all-encompassing life for Bonnie King.

The mother of five finds life full as she helps her family, volunteers in the community and expands her horizons with new learning. She is representative of the many dedicated mothers of the Church.Sister King, a member of the Chesterfield (Mo.) Ward, is public affairs director for the St. Louis Missouri Stake. As such, she takes an active part in community affairs. She is also a ward name extraction worker and volunteer tutor among mostly non-members for the Church's PAF software, teaches clinics for the Scout genealogy merit badge, is historian for the St. Louis Genealogical Society, and member of a parents group working to effect changes in the curriculum in the local school district.

She and her husband, Preston L., who is bishop of the Chesterfield Ward, have received the Silver Beaver for their work with the Cub Scouts.

She listed two challenges that she faces as a mother. The first is a shortage of time. "My children are about as busy as I am," she said in a recent interview."They have all these clubs and organizations along with Church activities, and they want to have friends, and friends need time. Their brother on a mission needs a letter."

The other challenge is "trying to keep true values in front of their eyes when they are bombarded with TV and movies and other media. Those programs are very colorful and professionally done. I know it has an impact on children. We as parents just do our everyday routine, hoping it will have an impact on children. We are not quite as colorful."

She suggested parents schedule time for the family and make themselves available. She reserves her evenings for her family. "It they want me to help make a poster, or drive them to the next meeting, I'm there. If the phone rings and it is one of my children from out of town, I can talk."

She spoke of instilling values in children. "Absolutes are family prayer, scripture study and family home evening," she said.

She said that as a mother she has challenges that "every hour you have to stretch yourself to meet."

Sister King studies the scriptures and keeps up with current events primarily by reading newspapers. The scripture reading brings a feeling of calm. "You are calm and whatever is happening is not too upsetting because you can see the overall picture of where we are headed," she said.

If a woman has to work to help provide for her family, Sister King suggested that she make time to read the scriptures with her children. "I know that if she is doing what she has to do, she will be spiritually supported and she will be fine and her children will be watched over.

"You can get spiritual help, and your children can get spiritual help."