This week in Church history

50 years ago

Latter-day Saints were to join people of other faiths in recognizing Sunday, May 13, 1945, as a national day of prayer, according to the May 12, 1945, issue of the Church News.

According to the article, "Services in all Latter-day Saint wards and branches Sunday will be in keeping with the instructions of the First Presidency and also the proclamation of the president of the United States that set aside the day as one of prayer following V-E Day."

In reference to sacrament meetings on that day, the First Presidency had indicated: "We suggest . . . that they have in their regular sacrament services on the Sunday following `V-E Day' prayers and remarks that will express to our Heavenly Father gratitude that the terrible bloodshed in Europe has ceased; that will thank Him for our Constitution and for the republic established thereunder with its liberty and free institutions and that will solemnly implore the Lord mercifully to continue these priceless blessings to us; . . . and that will humbly ask that arrogance, hate, and vengeance and the will for conquest shall be driven from the earth, and that gloating and triumph over victory shall be submerged in our hearts by gratitude for the ending of the conflict and by a love for our fellowmen and a recognition of the common brotherhood of man."

Quote from the past

"While we seek to sustain the truth we shall be sustained. . . . We serve our interests when we serve God; and it is all that we have to do." – Elder Amasa Lyman, in an address given July 19, 1857, in the Bowery on Temple Square.