Living by the scriptures

After each of our four children had been born in natural childbirth, we had anticipated that our fifth child would be born likewise. A week before my wife's due date, I received a call at work that Luisa had to be admitted to the prenatal ward immediately, as the baby was lying laterally and at high risk.

Each day I prayed fervently that the Lord would help. I knew that my Heavenly Father would answer my prayers and I waited anxiously.It was now two weeks after she had been admitted, a week after the due date, and the doctor had decided that Luisa needed surgery. We were both frightened. I began fasting two days before the operation.

Early on the day of the operation I gave my wife a priesthood blessing. I remember saying as part of the blessing that the baby would be born as normal and naturally as possible. During the operation, I continued to offer silent prayers, asking that all would be well. After the operation, Luisa and I returned to the preparation room. The nurse said the surgery was very successful and that it was a relatively normal caesarean delivery. As she spoke I felt a "warm feeling" and I knew the Lord was answering my prayer through the nurse.

As I left the hospital the words of Moroni came to my mind, ". . . for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." I know this was certainly true because of my experience.

In remembrance of this experience, one of the names we gave our beautiful newborn little girl was "Liahona," our "child of faith." – Newman Soloai, Temple View, New Zealand.