Missionaries enjoy summer picnic with southern food shipped west

While serving a mission on Temple Square, Elder Henry Ingram often wished he could share some of his favorite things with the people he worked with. However, he never found a Westerner that could duplicate Southern cooking.

So just two months after he and his wife, Sister Linda Ingram, left Temple Square to return to their home in Hilton Head Island, S.C., Brother Ingram came back to Salt Lake City – and not only brought with him Southern food, but also a Southerner to cook it.As a result, the life-long Church member and more than 200 sister and couple missionaries serving on Temple Square tried their hand at "pig picking" June 20-21 during the mission's annual summer picnic.

Brother Ingram said he and his wife fell in love with the people in their mission and wanted to thank them by sharing barbecue pork, ribs and chicken.

Brother Ingram, his son, Charlie, and Elgie Rousseau Stover flew in from South Carolina to throw the party, at their own expense.

"First, I came out here and they couldn't talk right," Brother Ingram said, emphasizing his Southern accent. "Then," he added, "they couldn't barbecue right, so I brought Rousseau (Stover) out here to help them."

Mr. Stover lost two consecutive nights of sleep to cook the barbecue, which was eaten by missionaries on two different days so someone would always be at Temple Square, but he didn't seem to mind.

While Mr. Stover, who is a member of another church, was sharing barbecue cooking with the missionaries, they were sharing the gospel with him.

During their trip, Brother Ingram and Mr. Stover toured Temple Square, attended a Church meeting with the missionaries and viewed the movie Legacy in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Mr. Stover said he is impressed with the missionaries and their treatment of other people."I think it is wonderful to see young people on the right track in life," he said. "I feel so comfortable I left my wallet on the table. I don't do that anywhere."

Mr. Stover, who had never been to Utah before, said he hopes to be a part of the barbecue picnic every year.

Elder Robert Witt, director of Temple Square, said he was thrilled to have help with cooking the food for this year's picnic. Of the more than 200 missionaries serving on Temple Square, about 75 are from international countries, Elder Witt said.

"For many of the sisters this is their first experience with an American picnic and a pig roast," Elder Witt said.

Sister missionaries, who agreed they have never eaten anything quite like the barbecue before, said they appreciated Mr. Stover's service. They said they had been looking forward to the event, which gave them a little time to relax before going back to work that afternoon at Temple Square.