Missionary moments: Felt at home

I was introduced to the gospel one day through someone with whom I worked. I agreed to read the Book of Mormon, which my friend brought for me the next day. Every day he would ask if I had any questions or how I was progressing.

It was all so strange – strange names and all the wars. After a week, I told my friend I would like to attend a service. He located the tiny branch near my home in Cypress, Texas.That Sunday two elders were waiting for me as I approached the white chapel. They sat with me and introduced me to some of the members, then asked if they could come and see me on Wednesday evening. I said, "Yes." The moment I walked inside the meetinghouse I felt at home – just as I had as a child surrounded by my family at our church in Clay Center, Kan. I knew the Church was the right place for me. There was a wonderful feeling.

I had been baptized into our church at age 5 by my uncle, a minister. Growing up, I never heard of Mormons. During my junior year in high school, we moved to Indiana where I first heard and believed all the "cult" stories. I had always had a great love for Christ and had many prayers answered from an early age and served as a youth Sunday School teacher.

Now, as an adult, I loved the LDS elders' weekly discussions and felt the Spirit each time. But when they left, the doubts and fears would fill my mind, especially when they said I had to be baptized again. I loved my deceased uncle who had baptized me. I couldn't commit to baptism. After three weeks, the elders told me: "Today, we are fasting and praying that tonight you will pray to know for sure if you should be baptized."

I was so touched by these sweet elders that I agreed to pray. I did pray that night before going to sleep. The next morning as soon as I opened my eyes, I was filled with such joy and an overwhelming desire to be baptized right away. The joy I felt when I opened my eyes that morning has never left me.

That is how I came to be baptized on June 9, 1984.

My husband, Elden, was taught by missionaries and baptized June 26, 1986. We were sealed in the Oakland Temple June 26, 1987. In October 1991, we began serving in the Philippine Tacloban Mission and loved it. We are now on our second mission.