This week in Church history

50 years ago

Elder Joseph F. Merrill of the Quorum of the Twelve was appointed to deliver a series of weekly Sunday evening radio broadcasts based on the theme "The Truth-Seeker and Mormonism," according to the June 23, 1945, issue of the Church News.

Elder Merrill's broadcasts were to replace those of Elder Harold B. Lee, who was concluding a "popular, six-month series of radio addresses directed primarily at the youth of the Church. His contributions in 24 talks have been published each week in the Church News section and have been a valuable contribution to the literature of the Church.

"Each of Elder Merrill's addresses will be published in the Church News on the Saturday following delivery."

Quote from the past

"The Lord designs to bring us up into the celestial kingdom. He has made known, through direct revelation, that we are His offspring, begotten in the eternal worlds, that we have come to this earth for the special purpose of preparing ourselves to receive a fullness of our Father's glory when we shall return into His presence." – Elder Lorenzo Snow, in an address given in general conference April 7, 1879.