Primary song performed at Catholic cathedral

The universal appeal of a favorite LDS children's song was demonstrated in an experience related to the Church News by one of the participants at the Workshop on Church Music.

Terilyn Taylor, a violin teacher who lives in the Canyon Gate Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Lakes Stake, last year had her 25 students learn religious music for a recital. The students, who come from various religious backgrounds, each learned to play "I Am a Child of God" to perform together on the program.This spring, one of her students, 6-year-old Jeremy Rhizor, was asked to play at the dedication of a new Catholic cathedral in Las Vegas. Sister Taylor offered to look for a selection appropriate for a dedication, but the boy's mother insisted that he perform "I Am a Child of God," because the edifice was being named for a nun who dedicated her life to children.

The selection was enthusiastically approved by those in charge, and at the June 19 dedication, Jeremy first sang the verses to the song and then played it on the violin.

Many in the congregation were obviously touched by the performance. His name and picture appeared on the front page of a local newspaper with an account of what he did.