‘Policies’ offer news that is up to date

The "Official policies and announcements" published in the Church News may not be the most exciting part of the publication, but for Alice Fielding it has been "must reading."

Sister Fielding, who is 80 years old, served as Primary president in the Shelley 3rd Ward, Shelley Idaho South Stake, for two years. Just released Dec. 3, she said the "policies and announcements" is a part of the Church News she turns to every week."Being a Primary president, I had always looked for the policy on the inside page" she related. "There were things in there that had to do with Primary. I cut them out and put them in my Primary handbook so I had it up to date."

She added that articles during the past year pertaining to the 1995 Primary focus on the Articles of Faith were also helpful. "There were things that came out from the Primary general presidency that helped me as a Primary president."

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