10th anniversary presentation for ‘legacy of light’ program

More than 130,000 multicolored lights brought a festive glow to the Manila Philippines Temple grounds during the 10th anniversary of its "Legacy of Light" Christmas program.

The program, which continues through the holiday season, includes a video presentation on the life of Christ and music from various choirs.Under the direction of the Philippines/Micronesia Area presidency, the area public affairs department conceived the "Legacy of Light" program to help those attending to understand the real meaning of Christmas.

Fred Dimaya, chairman of the lighting committee, said: "The program was very popular with our non-member guests. We had many favorable comments from those who attended."

Elder Dean Payne, a public affairs missionary, noted that several members of the Church came back for a second time to see the program. "We were thrilled with the response of the members," he said. "On the opening night, more than 12,200 people came and the temple grounds were so full we could not get everyone in. Some liked it so much they came back two or three times during the week to watch the program."

Elder Ben B. Banks of the Seventy and president of the Philippines/Micronesia Area said: "Our intention was to have those attending realize the significance of the birth and life of the Savior. We wanted everyone that came to have a spiritual experience on the sacred grounds of the temple. As we all watched the video depiction of the life of the Savior, many tears were shed and we were reminded that Christmas is not about tinsel and trees, but Him who is the light of the world."

Many distinguished guests have attended the event including senators, members of the House of Representatives, civic leaders and religious leaders from other faiths.