Church News ‘opens doors’; can be a missionary tool

The Church News can be used as a missionary tool – albeit a subtle one, said Janet Kruckenberg, who served for nine years as regional public affairs director for the Fargo North Dakota Region.

Sister Kruckenberg said she knew of members who gave the publication to non-LDS with whom they had worked on a community project. She added that this was a way of presenting the gospel without being too direct."Others can't help but be influenced by the Church News, and it brings up other questions. We use it to open doors," Sister Kruckenberg explained.

For example, she related that a few years ago the young women of the Grand Forks 2nd Ward, Fargo North Dakota Stake, helped the Salvation Army stuff Christmas stockings for people in the hospital. The service project, with a picture, was published in the Church News.

"A Salvation Army captain was in the picture, so the young women gave that issue of the Church News to him."

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