This week in Church history

100 years ago

The executive committee on Inauguration Day exercises for the state of Utah officially announced that the proclamation admitting Utah in the Union would be issued on Jan. 4, 1896. The announcement was published in the Deseret Semi-Weekly News on Dec. 23, 1895.

The proclamation would be "a source of great joy to all our people irrespective of political affilations or of religious creeds," the committee declared in the announcement.

The committee suggested that Inauguration Day, Jan. 6, be made a state holiday and that the receipt of news of President Grover Cleveland's proclamation be greeted with the ringing of bells and sounding of all steam whistles in Salt Lake City.

Inauguration exercises were to begin at noon in the Salt Lake Tabernacle with President Wilford Woodruff offering the prayer. State officers would be sworn in and an inaugural address given by Gov. Heber M. Wells.

In the Dec. 20, 1895, Deseret News, an urgent request was made "that every singer in the city, irrespective of the church, social or other organization to which they may belong rally to the aid of the Tabernacle Choir in rendering the musical part of the program." A choir of 1,000 voices was anticipated.

Quote from the past

"The spirit of Christmas is sweet and sacred. As the parched ground is refreshed by the shower, so the spirit of the holy day, on which we celebrate the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem, mellows our feelings and softens our hearts." – Elder Charles A. Callis, in an address given in December 1935 in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.