New stake presidencies

New stakes have been created in Guatemala, Mexico and Peru, and in Florida and Indiana.

The Cerro De Pasco Peru Stake, which includes the Cerro De Pasco, Chaupimarca, La Esperanza, San Juan and Yanacancha wards, and the Carhuamayo, Columna Pasco and Paragsha branches has been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy.The Fort Walton Beach Florida Stake, which includes the Crestview, De Funiak Springs, Ft. Walton 1st and 2nd, and Niceville wards, and the Florala and Olive branches has been created by Elder F. Burton Howard of the Seventy.

The Muncie Indiana Stake, which includes the Anderson, Connersville, Fishers, Muncie 1st and 2nd and Richmond wards, and the Elwood, New Castle and Noblesville branches has been created by Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Seventy.

The Pachuca Mexico Centro Stake, which includes the Centro, Insurgentes, Pachuca, Real De Minas, Sahagun and Tulancingo wards, and the Huauchinango, Santiago and Xicotepec branches has been created by Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Seventy.

The Zacapa Guatemala Stake, which includes the El Teatro, La Reforma, Las Flores, Linda Vista and Los Almendros wards has been created by Elder Joseph C. Muren of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Guatamela and Mexico, and in Arizona, California, Idaho, Indiana, New York and Utah.

New stakes

CERRO DE PASCO PERU STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) Created from the Cerro De Pasco Peru District. President – Bernardo Cristobal S., 48, college director; wife, Zenobia Paulina Quispe A. de Cristobal. Counselors – Daniel Pariona C., 35, teaching staff of Daniel A. Corrion University; wife, Maria Elena Malqui B. de Pariona. Wilber Giron M., computer specialist; wife, Rocio Veronica Daga S. de Giron.

FORT WALTON BEACH FLORIDA STAKE: (Jan. 7, 1996) Created from the Pensacola Florida Stake. President – Charles E. Atkinson Jr., 39, chief of area audit office for U.S. Air Force; wife, LeAnn Kellersberger Atkinson. Counselors – Robert E. Hill, 50, meeting house crew leader/custodian for Church area office; wife, Linda Fay Shiver Hill. William H. Dorley, 58, maintenance management technician for Vitro Technical Services at Elgin AFB; wife, Bonnie Jean Flook Dorley.

MUNCIE INDIANA STAKE: (Feb. 4, 1996) Created from the Dayton Ohio and Indianapolis Indiana North stakes. President – Michael W. Ellis, 41, architect and partner of Gooden and Ellis Architects; wife, Nancy Jo Huffman Ellis. Counselors- P. Thomas Burdett Jr., 48, vice president of commercial operations for Bio-Chemicals-Boehringer Mannheim Corp.; wife, Toni Rae Hamm Burdett. Clair E. Johnson, 52, employed by Dana Corporation; wife, Georginna Faye Roark Johnson.

PACHUCA MEXICO CENTRO STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) Created from the Tulancingo Mexico District and the Pachuca Mexico Stake. President – Ismael Mendoza R., 40, director of human resources for Department of Education and Culture; wife, Maria del Socorro Delgado E. de Mendoza. Counselors – Noe Herrera V., 36, Church Educational System coordinator; wife, Flora Patricia Gomez M. de Herrera. Hector Osorio B., 37, elementary school teacher; wife, Maria Aide Merida I. de Osorio.

ZACAPA GUATEMALA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 1996) Created from the Zacapa Guatemala District. President – Arnulfo Franco M., 41, department coordinator of enrollment for Minister of Education; wife, Maria del Rosario Cabrera M. de Franco. Counselors – Jose Maria Claveria P., 54, office manager for Granoii & Townson Bank S.A.; wife, Hilda Consuelo Salguero F. de Claveria. Oscar Leonel Paiz Del C., 36, supervisor of general promotions for UNEPAR; wife, Ana Beatriz Villela E. de Paiz.

Stake reorganizations

BAURU BRAZIL STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – Orlando De Mello E Albuquerque Filho, 44, attorney; succeeding Lazaro Beteto; wife, Maria Elisabete Aguera Filho. Counselors – Jose Gilberto Sette, 45, commercial administrative director; wife, Marli De Lourdes Rizzutti Sette. Jose Onofre De Campos, 36, germ service checker for HospitaLar Association of Bauru; wife, Solange Elena De Andrade Campos.

BOUNTIFUL UTAH HEIGHTS STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) President – Randall M. Browning, 45, president of Beehive Brick Inc.; succeeding Joe L. Johnson; wife, Martha Ann Larsen Browning. Counselors – C. Richard Chidester, 57, instructor at Salt Lake University Institute of Religion; wife, Kathryn Midgley Chidester. Darwin F. Peterson, 44, company information officer for O. C. Tanner Co.; wife, Nola Jean Knutti Peterson.

INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 4, 1996) President – John J. Chipman, 49, senior clinical research physician for Eli Lily and Co.; succeeding Michael W. Ellis; wife, Karen Russon Chipman. Counselors – Robert J. Alcorn, 42, vice president-management information systems for Anacomp Inc.; wife, Mary Lee Blackburn Alcorn. James W. Odom, 41, news director and instructor for WTBU-TV/Butler University; wife, Nancy Suzanne Morris Odom.

PACHUCA MEXICO STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – Carlos Zepeda R., 37, director of operations for Otis Elevators S.A.; succeeding Ismael Mendoza Regino; wife, Silvia Vergara V. de Zepeda. Counselors – Lazaro Saucedo S., 33, accountant for Education and Culture Society; wife, Ana Leticia Jaen H. de Saucedo. Alejandro Ortiz P., 36, department manager of quality control for Dina Komatsu Nacional; wife, Norma Elia Hernandez A. de Ortiz.

POCATELLO IDAHO CENTRAL STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – Don J. Gilbert, 52, owner of Pocatello Podiatry Assoc.; succeeding Bruce H Winegar; wife, Lecia Rae Murdoch Gilbert. Counselors – Anthony N. Wadsworth, 40, owner of insurance business; wife, Paula Hinckley Wadsworth. Allan J. Hubbard, 49, senior lab technician for FMC; wife, Nancy Carlene Gaver Hubbard.

ST. GEORGE UTAH MORNINGSIDE STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – Keith R. Reber, 42, self-employed podiatrist; succeeding James Grey Larkin; wife, Stephanie Kay Millett Reber. Counselors – Jerry S. Foote, 43, self-employed general contractor; wife, Patricia Ann Triffo Foote. Calvin R. Durfey, 59, assistant superintendent of schools for Washington County School District; wife, Patsy Ann Pratt Durfey.

ST. JOHNS ARIZONA STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – David A. Brown, 41, attorney; succeeding Joseph Marlow Day; wife, Roxanne Bowman Brown. Counselors – Eric M. Broadbent, 49, insurance agent for Farmers Insurance Group; wife, Charlotte Adams Broadbent. D. Randall Lee, 48, AC mechanic for Salt River Project; wife, Sonja Anita Dawes Lee.

SALT LAKE SOUTH COTTONWOOD STAKE: (Jan. 28, 1996) President – Dale R. Blake, 47, administrator for Mt. Olympus Radiology; succeeding Robert C. Liljenquist; wife, Irma Jean Orton Blake. Counselors – Craig G. Burkingshaw, 50, data processing manager for Deseret G&T; wife, Shirleen Ruth Reynolds Burkingshaw. Robert L. Wright, 47, president of Wright Engineering & Construction; wife, Patricia Orton Wright.

SALT LAKE HILLSIDE STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) President – Clark A. Campbell, 46, vice president of operations for O. C. Tanner; succeeding Paul Edward Koelliker; wife, Meredith Reed Campbell. Counselors – Jeffrey L. Shields, 43, attorney for Callister, Nebeker & McCullough; wife, Patricia Hawkins Shields. Dean W. Menlove, 54, self-employed in real estate investment and sales; wife, Coleen Helen Kent Menlove.

SAN FELIPE GUATEMALA STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) President – Mario Alfonso Ochoa C., 37, teacher; succeeding Mario Augusto Monterroso Gonzalez; wife, Vilma Leticia Sanchez F. de Ochoa. Counselors – Oscar Rene Rodriguez A., 33, production supervisor for Pacifico Industries; wife, Marycruz Morales C. de Rodriguez. Hedwin Golther Escobar F. 35, health inspector for Department of Public Health; wife, Lucrecia Pelico V. de Escobar.

SYRACUSE NEW YORK STAKE: (Jan. 14, 1996) President – Michael Christopher Hauser, 37, assistant professor of anesthesiology at State University of New York; succeeding Dallas Williams Jones; wife, Alice Leona Jones Hauser. Counselors – Bruce R. Karn, 50, helicopter instructor pilot for New York Army National Guard; wife, Priscilla Christine Cutler Karn. Keith Allan Marquart, 42, operations manager for Love Furniture Corp.; wife, Paula Marie Brown Marquart.

TEMPE ARIZONA STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) President – Brent L Jameson, 49, professor of French at Phoenix College; succeeding Richard Stanley Ray; wife Lorraine Bird Jameson. Counselors – Byard D. Wood, 55, professor of mechanical engineering at Arizona State University; wife, Carol Lee Archibald Thorpe Wood. Alan C. Tait, 50, owner and agent of Alan C. Tait Insurance Agency; wife, Ruth Ann Williams Tait.

WEST JORDAN UTAH WELBY STAKE: (Jan. 14, 1996) President – Andrew M. Allison, retained. Counselors – Douglas K. Davies, 38, senior software engineer for Dynatech Video Group; wife, Barbara Sue Kimber Davies. Craig E. Judd, 34, assistant controller for Zero Enclosures; wife, Denise Lamoreaux Judd.

WHITTIER CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 21, 1996) President – Gary B. Walburger, 53, vice president and partner of Korn Ferry International; succeeding Jack Ralph Renouf; wife, Judy Lynne Warnick Walburger. Counselors – Reed B. Phillips, 50, president of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic; wife, Sandra Lee Savage Phillips. Frank F. Jackman, 40, president of FJR Inc.; wife, Sherri Kay Freeman Jackman.