Descendants invited to attend events

When early Latter-day Saint Daniel Stark set sail from New York Harbor on the ship Brooklyn in 1846 with his wife, Amy, and son, John Daniel, he probably didn't expect more than 2,000 descendants 150 years later celebrating his arrival in Yerba Buena, Calif.

That is the number of Stark's living descendants, many of whom will attend the July 31 sesquicentennial celebration of the Brooklyn landing, when a replica of the ship sails under the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco Bay. (See accompanying article on this page.)Lorin Hansen, historian of the 150 Years in California Committee, the committee directing the sesquicentennial activities, said many descendants of the original passengers of the ship have been located, but the committee hopes to find many more.

"We would like to invite all descendants of the Brooklyn's passengers to attend the celebration," Brother Hansen said. "Also, we are putting together a book about the Brooklyn and would really like to hear from people with information."

Anyone having information or artifacts relating to the ship can contact Lucretia Jones at (510) 687-8569.