New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Paraguay and Peru.

The Ciudad Del Este Paraguay Stake has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy. The new stake includes the Ciudad Del Este 1st, 2nd, and 4th, Hernandarias 1st, and Presidente Franco wards, and the Ciudad Del Este 3rd, Hernandarias 2nd, and Minga Guazu branches.The Lima Peru Rimac Stake, which includes the Cercado, Ingenieria, Leoncio Prado, and Rimac 1st, and 2nd wards, and the El Manzano, Nicolas De Pierola, and Ventura Rossi branches, has been created by Elder Carl B. Pratt, an area authority.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile and Mexico, and in Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Utah.

New stakes

CIUDAD DEL ESTE PARAGUAY STAKE: (June 2, 1996) Created from the Ciudad Del Este Paraguay District. President – Juan Ramon Ocampos G., 31, administration manager for Golden Life S.A.; wife, Teresa De Jesus Torales C. de Ocampos. Counselors – Gabriel Andres Cella P., 26, regional manager for Bago Laboratories International; wife, Carolina Roig A. de Cella. Juan Carlos Mino V., 33, business representative for Bago Laboratories International; wife, Gladys Cristina Blanco M. de Mino.

LIMA PERU RIMAC STAKE: (June 16, 1996) Created from the Lima Peru Central and Lima Peru Palao stakes. President – Gustavo Guillermo Andrade B., 37, dentist/private consultant; wife, Zulme Monica Avila B. de Andrade. Counselors – Huiberto Hinojosa P., 52, works in quality control for Iquitos Trading; wife, Maria Rosa Coral C. de Hinojosa. Abraham W. Chapeyquen R., 47; wife, Maria Pajuelo V. de Chapeyquen.

Stake reorganizations

ALPINE UTAH STAKE: (June 23, 1996) President – Jesse N. Hunsaker, 45, ophthalmologist; succeeding George Andrew Gruber; wife, Diane Karren Hunsaker. Counselors – Walter R. Miller, retained. Paul W. Mendenhall, 64, self-employed real estate developer; wife, Lenore Rena Vandenberg Mendenhall.

CUAUTLA MEXICO STAKE: (June 16, 1996) President – Armando Rodriguez I., 49, business director for Peerless Discos; succeeding Hugo Alberto Sanchez Morales; wife, Yitein Margarita Chee A. de Rodriguez. Counselors – Pablo Martin Jimenez B., 34, resident worker for Ruvara Construction; wife, Veronica Patricia Olvera S. de Jimenez. Ariel Josue Vazquez V., 29, salesman; wife, Susana Genis C. de Vazquez.

PENCO CHILE STAKE: (May 26, 1996) President – Roberto Juan Zuchel M., 53, ceramics business owner; succeeding Sergio Arnoldo Cancino Cabrera; wife, Lilia Del Carmen Soto G. de Zuchel. Counselors – Aclicio Daniel Navarro B., 28, sales agent for AFP Plan Vital; wife, Ivette Solange Bouldres V. de Navarro. Miguel Angel Nunez C., 33, machines and tools mechanic for Augusto Castro V.; wife, Berta G. Villa R. de Castro.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 23, 1996) President – John L. Cottam, 45, president of Industrial Brush Corp.; succeeding Steven Thomas Escher; wife, Joan Ellen Ogilvie Cottam. Counselors – John C. Hadfield, 45, vice president of sales and marketing for Honeyville Grain Inc., wife, Lexine Sparks Hadfield. Alan R. Maynes, 45, institute director for Church Educational System; wife, Laurie Afton Christensen Maynes.

SANTIAGO CHILE QUILICURA STAKE: (May 19, 1996) President – Guillermo Gabriel Garcia G., 42, manager of maintenance department for Indisa Clinic S.A.; succeeding Guillermo Salvador Carcamo Quinteros; wife, Nancy Del Carmen Riquelme P. de Garcia. Counselors – Juan Manuel Carcamo G. 50, taxi driver; wife, Maria Del Rosario Ibanez de Carcamo. Juan Patricio Tapia C., 39, tanning operator for Beltran Ilharreborde S.A.; wife, Marta Magdalena Llanten V. de Tapia.

SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS STAKE: (June 23, 1996) President – J. Kevin Schmidt, 44, human resources director for Norton Company; succeeding David O. Sutton; wife, Susan Elaine Southwick Schmidt. Counselors – Brian C. Theurer, 46, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Mejken Eileen Petersen Theurer. Guy B. Beacom, 46, attorney; wife, Martha Ann Macdonald Beacom.

WINSLOW ARIZONA STAKE: (June 23, 1996) President – Gary D. Jewett, 36, teacher (coordinator) for Church Educational System; succeeding Dale Kenneth Patton Jr.; wife, Lora Lee Patterson Jewett. Counselors – Virgil A. Bushman Jr., 47, mechanic/field service representative for General Services Administration for federal government; wife, Karen Sue Varney Bushman. Michael T. Hancock, 37, owner of Dales Custom Building Inc.; wife, Sheila Marie Crosser Hancock.