New stake presidencies

The Atlanta Georgia Stake has been created by Elder Stephen D. Nadauld of the Seventy. The new stake includes the Atlanta, Brockett, Glenridge, Smyrna, Tara and Twin Oaks wards, and the Brookhaven and Chamblee branches

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in England and Mexico, and in Utah.

New stake

ATLANTA GEORGIA STAKE: (June 23, 1996) Created from the Powder Springs Georgia and Tucker Georgia stakes, and the Atlanta Georgia District. President – J. Devin Cornish, 45, acting chairman for the Department of Pediatrics at the Emory University School of Medicine; wife, Elaine Simmons Cornish. Counselors – William W. Maycock, 43, attorney; wife, Kay Harden Maycock. Johnny R. Ussery, 62, retired; wife, Rosemarie Schmidt Ussery.

Stake reorganizations

HOOPER UTAH STAKE: (June 16, 1996) President – R. Michael Steoger, 47, self-employed builder and land developer; succeeding Vernon L. Cooke; wife, Shannon Taylor Steoger. Counselors – Ralph D. Miles, 61, self-employed building contractor; wife, Sharon Lorraine King Miles. Steven K. Jensen, 45, glazier for Ren's Paint & Glass; wife, Debra Douglas Jensen.

STAINES ENGLAND STAKE: (June 9, 1996) President – Anthony Warren, retained. Counselors – John M. Whittle, 48, finance director for Pre-Met Electrical Components; wife, Sheena Jane Howroyd Whittle. Clifford Tex M. Herbertson, 32, senior manager for The Kalchas Group; wife, Julie Clare Martin Herbertson.

TIJUANA MEXICO LA MESA STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President – Gerardo Angulo G., 32, sales representative for Abbott Laboratories of Mexico; succeeding Juan Antonio Machuca Canas; wife, Anita Oneyda Gutierrez L. de Angulo. Counselors – Jose Alfredo Vargas M., 30, sales representative for Merk Sharp Dohme; wife, Brenda Denisse Aleman G. de Vargas. Jorge Luis Valencia E., 32, medical sales representative for Hoechst Marion Roussel; wife, Norma Beatriz Ibarra L. de Valencia.