Repentance essential as all make mistakes

"The Atonement brought mercy through repentance to balance justice. How thankful I am for the doctrine of repentance," Elder Robert D. Hales, then Presiding Bishop and now a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, said in an address at the April 1992 general conference. "Repentance is essential to salvation. We are mortal – we are not perfect – we will make mistakes. When we make mistakes and do not repent, we suffer."

"The prophet Mormon taught us that he saw people sorrowing, thinking it was repentance; but then he taught us, `Behold this my joy was vain, for their sorrowing was not unto repentance, because of the goodness of God; but it was rather the sorrowing of the damned, because the Lord would not always suffer them to take happiness in sin.' (Morm. 2:13.)"Mormon teaches us that there will always be suffering and sorrow in sin, but to repent only because we feel bad or because we have suffered or because we are sorrowful does not show that we understand the goodness of God.

"The point I would like to make is that when we express thankfulness to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ, we base our faith and repentance upon their forgiveness and their goodness."