New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created in Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

The Colleyville Texas Stake, which includes the Bedford, Colleyville, Euless 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Grapevine, Hurst 2nd and Keller wards, has been created by Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve.The Sandy Utah Lone Peak Stake, which includes the Crescent 8th and 21st, Hidden Oaks, Lone Peak, Mountain Oaks, Oak Grove and Pinecrest wards, has been created by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve.

The Williamsport Pennsylvania Stake, which includes the Berwick, Lewisburg, Sunbury, Towanda and Williamsport wards, and the Lock Haven and Mansfield branches has been created by Elder Vaughn J Featherstone of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Bolivia, and in Idaho, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

New stakes

COLLEYVILLE TEXAS STAKE: (April 13, 1997) Created from the Hurst Texas, and Lewisville Texas Stakes. President – Randy J. Vest, 47, vice president and controller for Kimberly-Clark Corp.; wife, Kristine Louise Varley Vest. Counselors – Blaine K Stratton, 51, manager partner for Pacific Solutions; wife, January Michele Smith Stratton. Larry G. Manion, 46, director of finance for GTE; wife, Gail Miskin Manion.

SANDY UTAH LONE PEAK STAKE: (April 13, 1997) Created from the Sandy Utah Crescent Stake. President – Byron D. Jorgenson, 46, city administrator for Sandy City; wife, Marie Blackham Jorgenson. Counselors – Thomas T. Rich, 44, partner and certified public accountant in auditing for Deloitte & Touche; wife, Ruth Nielsen Rich. Richard Reid Tranter, 45, principal of Murray High School; wife, Marianne Finch Tranter.

WILLIAMSPORT PENNSYLVANIA STAKE: (April 13, 1997) Created from the Altoona Pennsylvania, Owego New York, and Scranton Pennsylvania Stakes. President – Russell J. Stankiewicz, 42, president of OB/Gyn Associates of Lewisburg, P.C.; wife, Barbara Jean Kamor Stankiewicz. Counselors – Gregory C. Weed, 44, senior research chemist for E.I. DuPont; wife, Volores Brown Weed. Jeffrey D. Martin, 43, self-employed portrait artist and audio visual aid specialist at Susquehanna University; wife, Maxine Naomi Kantz Martin.

Stake reorganizations

APPLETON WISCONSIN STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Lyle Milton Crandall, retained. Counselors – Zen W. Miller, 44, dairy/livestock specialist for University of Wisconsin Extension; wife, Denise Lynn DeRonde Miller. John E. Burgeson, 51, director of mails and purchasing for Northstar Print Group; wife, Faith Mary Czarnowski Burgeson.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 4TH STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Bruce L. Christensen, 54, dean of College of Fine Arts and Communications at BYU; succeeding John Sears Tanner; wife, Barbara Lucelle Decker Christensen. Counselors – Scott W. Cameron, 50, associate dean of Law School at BYU; wife, Christine Cannon Cameron. Joseph E. White, 59, director of media services operations at BYU; wife, Mossi Wesenberg White.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 18TH STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Russell Trent Osguthorpe, 51, associate director of faculty center at BYU; succeeding Clark D Webb; wife, Lola Amelia Sedgwick Osguthorpe. Counselors – David A. Thomas, 53, professor of law at BYU; wife, Paula Rasmussen Thomas. Monte R. Swain, 35, assistant professor at BYU; wife, Shannon Saunders Swain.

CLINTON UTAH NORTH STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – James Dee Patterson, 41, president of Patterson Excavation Inc.; succeeding Michael Lee Vellinga; wife, Becky Adams Patterson. Counselors – Miles Dahl Crabtree, 48, president of Diamond Investment Co.; wife, Sherry Lynnette Nicholls Crabtree. Bradlee V. Chase, 43 , senior account manager for Kellogg Co.; wife, Dianna Heileson Chase.

HURST TEXAS STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President – Roger L. Woodruff, 47, sales and market development manager for Courtaulds Aerospace; succeeding Randy J. Vest; wife, Brenda Annette Deaver Woodruff. Counselors – Charles L. Jolley, 48, self-employed Texas All-Star Camps Director; wife, Janet Roberta Moore Jolley. Richard Cameron Sagers, 43, senior staff engineer for Motorola; wife, Marlene Swindler Sagers.

INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President – Michieal E. Hammond, 43, distribution technician of environmental services for Eli Lilly and Company; succeeding Clifford Gerald Griesemer; wife, Alverda Cotonuts Hammond. Counselors – Randall K. Bland, 44, elementary schoolteacher; wife, Patricia Van Dyke Bland. Richard L. Carlson, 41, self-employed financial consultant; wife, Sheila Rae Hutson Carlson.

LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President – Dennis L. Payne, 53, supervisory border patrol agent for U.S. Government Border Patrol; succeeding Boyden Edward Lee; wife, Luana Rogers Payne. Counselors – Brent Leroy Bean, retained. Kelly W. Allred, 48, professor at New Mexico State University; wife, Lynda Sue Street Allred.

MORGAN UTAH STAKE: (March 16, 1997) President – David Edward Bott, 51, owner and president of Mark H. Bott Company; succeeding L. Verl Mecham; wife, Colleen Elizabeth Byrnes Bott. Counselors – John B. Wilkinson, 47, partner with Morgan Valley Polaris; wife, Deborah Sommers Wilkinson. Richard Verle Bohman, 51, director of training for the blind for State of Utah, Division of Services for the Blind; wife, Connie Bell Bohman.

NAMPA IDAHO STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President – Ronald L. Loveland, 56, Church area physical facilities director; succeeding Kyle C Blacker; wife, Linda Jean Brown Loveland. Counselors – Kirk L. Jenkins, 39, dentist; wife, Judith Ann Ahlstrom Jenkins. Edward M. Hess, 61, project manager for Hewlett-Packard; wife, Marilyn Swensen Hess.

OREM UTAH STUDENT STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Michael W. Farrer, 52, corporate hotel controller for Sinclair Oil Corp.; succeeding David Wayne Reeves; wife, Karma Averett Farrer. Counselors – Kenneth W. Matheson, 53, associate professor for School of Social Work at BYU; wife, Marlene Harston Matheson. Almon L. Mosher Jr., 54, director of Human Resources for Nebo School District; wife, Marie Louise Wardle Mosher.

ROCHESTER NEW YORK PALMYRA STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Stuart C. Collyer, 52, director of V.A. Medical Center; succeeding Rollo E. Black; wife, Cindy Bryan Collyer. Counselors – David L. Cook, 39, attorney; wife, Kathleen Rice Cook. Terence L. Robinson, 41, associate professor at Cornell University; wife, Charlotte Leigh Brown Robinson.

SANDY UTAH CRESCENT STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President – Roger W. Christensen, 52, vice president and manager of Simpson Associates; succeeding Stewart E. Glazier; wife, Anna Jean Blackham Christensen. Counselors – M. Gordon Johnson, 61, president of Legacy Management/Development, vice president of Horman Construction Co., and manager of Scandia Investment; wife, Veedrienne Horman Johnson. Paul B. Holbrook, 54, financial advisor for American Express Financial Advisors; wife, Heather Joyce Roma Talbot Holbrook.

SANDY UTAH WILLOW CREEK STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President – J. Keith Adams, 48, attorney for Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy; succeeding Lee William Crayk; wife, Myrle June Overly Adams. Counselors – Garner B. Meads Jr., 46, otolaryngologist; wife, LeeAnn Hitler Meads. Michael Don Liljenquist, retained.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA CANOTO STAKE: (March 23, 1997) President – Luis Bernardo Gonzalez R., 30, systems analyst for Gobierno Municipal; succeeding Jose Cossio Catoira; wife, Marlene Alba R. de Gonzalez. Counselors – Felide Jesus Rombero S., 33, accountant; wife, Mariola Ibanaz A. de Romero. Gerardo Gutierrez E., 36, sales manager for Espintbol; wife, Ernestina Torrico R. de Gutierrez.

SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA STAKE: (April 13, 1997) President – Bradley Searight Mains, retained. Counselors – Richard Arthur Brock, retained. Thomas L. Savoloi, 57, bindery manager for Mack Printing Company; wife, Pia Maria Cataloi Savoloi.