New Brunswick, N.J.: Barge a permanent fixture on Scout reservation and reminder of ferry boats

In keeping with the pioneers who built ferry boats to cross rivers, Boy Scouts from the Eatontown Ward, East New Brunswick New Jersey Stake, built a barge to carry people and equipment back and forth to a small island at the Quail Hill Scout Reservation in Manalapan, N.J.

The project was part of a larger Pioneer Sesquicentennial endeavor sponsored by the stake – a June overnight encampment at the reservation that included activities reminiscent of 1847.The material for the barge was provided by camp ranger and Church member Randy Blades. The labor, consisting of 218 service hours, was supplied by 10 members of Eatontown's Troop 114 and their leaders who use the Quail Hill camp regularly.

Now a permanent fixture at the Scout reservation, the barge is a continuing symbol of the sesquicentennial celebration. It will be used by fishermen and campers throughout the year.