New stake presidencies

Five new stakes have been created, two in the Philippines and one each in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

The Batac Philippines Stake, which includes the Badoc, Batac Ilocos Norte, Cabugao and San Nicolas 1st and 2nd wards, and the Cal-laguip, Dingras, Paoay, San Lorenzo Ilocos Norte and Sinait branches, has been created by Elder Sheldon F. Child of the Seventy.The Cardenas Mexico Stake, which includes the Canales, Cardenas, Comalcalco, Los Reyes and Paraiso wards, and the Cunduacan and Huimanguillo branches, has been created by Elder Armando Gaona J., an Area Authority Seventy.

The Cartagena Colombia Stake, which includes the Canapote, Centro, Esperanza, Las Flores, Lemaitre, Pie De La Popa and Torices wards, has been created by Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy.

The Narvacan Philippines Stake, which includes the Bangued, Candon, Narvacan, Santa Maria Ilocos Sur, Santiago Ilocos Sur, Santo Domingo and Vigan wards, and the Bantay, Caoayan and Santa Lucia branches, has been created by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Seventy.

The Nova Iguacu Brazil Stake, which includes the Duque De Caxias, Jardim Sumare, Nilopolis, Nova Iguacu and Saracuruna wards, and the Queimados, Vila Sao Luiz and Vilar Dos Teles branches, has been created by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Chile, England, Mexico, Peru and Tonga, and in California, Indiana, Utah and Washington.

New stakes

BATAC PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 23, 1997) Created from the Batac Philippines and Vigan Philippines districts. President – Nathaniel Oasan Baraoidan, 26, business owner; wife, Melba Quevedo Baraoidan. Counselors – Reynaldo Del Rosario, 45, fisherman; wife, Lolita T. Yadao Del Rosario. Mars Juancho Manzanas, 30, emergency laborer; wife, Hay Dee Liza Dipit Isuga Manzanas.

CARDENAS MEXICO STAKE: (April 20, 1997) Created from the Tuxtla Mexico Gutierrez, Villahermosa Mexico and Villahermosa Mexico Gaviotas stakes. President – Raymundo Morales B., 42, sales representative for Nature's Labs; wife, Isabel Alejandro H. de Morales. Counselors – Carlos Adolfo Leon L., 35, school teacher/basic education; wife, Clara Rosa Cano B. de Leon. Luis Cottier P., 42, technician representative for Tabasquena Instruments; wife, Concepcion Gonzalez R. de Cottier.

CARTAGENA COLOMBIA STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Cartagena Colombia District. President – Rafael Ulloque B., 45, professor at Cartagena University; wife, Dunia Maria Perez P. de Ulloque. Counselors – Camilo Toledo V., 65, production manager; wife, Elona Judith Velaseo de Toledo. Lorenzo Geliz O., 44, owner and supervisor of bakery business; wife, Nely del Carmen Beuitez T. de Geliz.

NARVACAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 23, 1997) Created from the Candon Philippines and Vigan Philippines districts. President – William R. Peralto Sr., 63, retired; wife, Natividad Angchico Quimno Peralto. Counselors – Abelardo Tocuyog Torrano Sr., 41, provincial manpower development officer for Technical Education Skills Development Authority; wife, Norlita S. Galera Torrano. Reynaldo Vitales Mina, 43, assistant statistical coordinator for National Statistics Office; wife, Evangeline Calura Damasco Mina.

NOVA IQUACU BRAZIL STAKE: (March 16, 1997) Created from the Rio De Janeiro Brazil and Rio De Janeiro Brazil Madureira stakes. President – Carlos Mandel Patriota, 36, bank teller for Sumitomo Bank; wife, Myrna Comdego Campos de Patriota. Counselors – Andre Franca, 29, business representative for Axel; wife, Carla Andrea Nunes Medeiros de Franca. Anilton Cortes Mansano, 36, police officer; wife, Neusa Deleprani Mansano.

Stake reorganizations

LIMA PERU SAN FELIPE STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President – David Isaac Figueroa M., 60, economics studies manager for Ciaminera Raura S.A.; succeeding Gerardo Renulfo Villar Quevedo; wife, Lenor Aida Caballero M. de Figueroa. Counselors – Secundino Delgado A., 49, business adviser for Discovery S. A.; wife, Maria Matilde Guerra T. de Delgaro. Jose Eduardo Sarmiento S., 45, automobile mechanic; wife, Flavia Julia Alegaee M. de Sarmiento.

MAPLETON UTAH STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President – B. Taylor Harper, retained. Counselors – Clark Lynn Patterson, 50, assistant transportation director for Nebo School District; wife, Paulette Hyer Patterson. James Richard Baird, 64, evaluation coordinator for Utah Education Network; wife, Elizabeth Lynne Packard Baird.

NEIAFU VAVA`U TONGA STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President – Tevita Siu'ulua Tali, 44, teacher at Saineha High School; succeeding Herbert Henry Sanft; wife, Mohokoi Christable Alatini Tali. Counselors – Sione Manu Olevao, 54, teacher at Saineha High School; wife, Sinai Vaitai Olevao. Sione Kilipati Lea, 46, teacher at Saineha High School; wife, Maeipolo Fine Mafivaea Lea.

NEW ALBANY INDIANA STAKE: (June 22, 19979) President – Douglas O. Waggoner, 38, vice president of Fire King International; succeeding John R. Crawford; wife, Rebecca Louise Corry Waggoner. Counselors – Michael A. Gillenwater, 39, attorney; wife, Alexene Langdon Budd Gillenwater. George Robert Hall, 41, self-employed mortgage broker; wife, Virginia P. Cezar Hall.

OREM UTAH WINDSOR STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President – J. Scott Dunaway, 42, Washington Seminar director at BYU; succeeding Steven C. Baugh; wife, Ruth Marion Linda Malmfeldt Dunaway. Counselors – Norman L. Taylor, 43, director of DAW Technologies; wife, Deborah Lynn Carson Taylor. Mark I. Payne, 41, superintendent and chief executive officer at Utah State Hospital; wife, Connie Ann Ashworth Payne.

RICHMOND UTAH STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President – Dennis W. Jackson, 51, self-employed accountant, tax planner, financial planner and farmer; succeeding Darrel Lee Gibbons; wife, Karen Irene Thomas Jackson. Counselors – Anthony Jon Hall, 48, executive vice president at Lewiston State Bank; wife, CeCille Richards Hall. Bruce Frank Traveller, 42, engineering manager for Icon Health & Fitness; wife, Leanne Erekson Traveller.

RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL MADUREIRA STAKE: (March 16, 1997) President – Jose Luiz Del Guerso, retained. Counselors – Mario Louiz De Souza Da Silva, 37, police clerk; wife, Rejane Guimaraes Da Silva. Cleyfer Franco Reishoffer, 37, national sales manager for Krammer; wife, Elizabeth Braga Reishoffer.

SANTIAGO CHILE ALICAHUE STAKE: (March 2, 1997) President – Ricardo Angulo O., 40, secretary of Physical Facilities Department for Church area office; succeeding Patricio R. Ortega Hernandez; wife, Miriam De Las Mercedes Troncoso R. de Angulo. Counselors – Carlos Lopez G., 48, grocery seller for El Mercurio S.A.P.; wife, Virginia Sepulveda F. de Lopez. Osvaldo Donoso J., 36, computer analyst for Credit and Investments Bank; wife, Susana Lissette Jimenez A. de Donoso.

SPOKANE WASHINGTON STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President – Garry E. Borders, 49, Beneficial Life Insurance Co. agency manager; succeeding Steven L. Bates; wife, Sue Elizabeth Morrison Borders. Counselors – Steven G. Crump, 46, dentist; wife, Barbara Auu Palmer Crump. Jeffrey C. Elmer, 43, physician at Physician Clinic of Spokane; wife, Margaret Susan Wilder Elmer.

STAINES ENGLAND STAKE: (May 18, 1997) President – John M. Whittle, 49, finance director for Pre-Met Electrical Ltd.; succeeding Anthony Warren; wife, Sheena Jane Howard Whittle. Counselors – Clifford T. M. Herberton, 33, senior manager for The Kalchas Group; wife, Julie Claire Martin Herberton. David W. Phillips, 35, chairman of Insight Technologies Ltd.; wife, Kathryn Fiona Maxwell Phillips.

TAMPICO MEXICO STAKE: (April 20, 1997) President – Jorge Guillermo Reynoso D., 34, owner of dry cleaning business; succeeding Pedro Rodriguez Rosas; wife, Micaela del Pilar Del Toro D. de Reynoso. Counselors – Hector Jaime M., 37, assistant director of slag recovery for Autlan Mining Co.; wife, Olivia Obregon C. de Jaime. Jose Antonio Vazquez A., 32, supervisor of shipping and maintenance for Primex S.A.; wife, Elvira Martinez P. de Vazquez.

VENTURA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President – Gary K. Wilde, 41, senior vice president of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and adjunct professor at University of LaVerne; succeeding Richard Scott Bryce; wife, Cheryl Anne Harp Wilde. Counselors – Greg Willis Jones, 38, attorney; wife, Lori Dorene Sheldon Jones. Albert Charles Bigler, 48, chief deputy administrative officer for County of Ventura; wife, Kristine Marcia McElroy Bigler.

YAKIMA WASHINGTON STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President – Rodolfo Pinon, 53, Yakima Valley Community College professor; succeeding George Edgar Johnson; wife, Mary Ann Kohlstrand Pinon. Counselors – Robert Lee McLaughlin, 56, superintendent of Union Gap School District; wife, Carolynn Elizabeth McLaughlin. Darrel A. White, 50, high school teacher and coach for Zillah School District; wife, Linda Doris Finley White.