Temple moment: Link missing

After attending Church services with friends for several years, Ivy Rayola Burgess Curry was in sacrament meeting one Sunday when she leaned over to her son, Thom, and said:

"I feel I want to be baptized. . . ."Thom, who was also investigating the Church, commented, "The Spirit had witnessed to her by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Church was true. I thought, `If my mother is ready to be baptized, so am I.' We were baptized May 7, 1983."

The mother and son are now members of the Pleasant Hill 1st Ward, Oakland California Stake. During the next year, Brother Curry advanced in the priesthood and was ordained an elder. He went through the temple and received his endowment.

One of the activities Brother Curry enjoyed was "making heavenly trips" to the Oakland Temple with Brent and Linda Egbert, the friends who had introduced him and his mother to the Church.

Although Sister Curry, whose parents had been members, waited until 1996 to go through the temple, she did become very interested in doing family history work. In her preliminary searching, she found that her mother had started, but never completed, her temple work. The family had not been sealed.

"I felt grandmother was waiting for me to do the work," said Brother Curry.

Accordingly, in 1985, he and the Egberts set off happily to the Oakland Temple to be proxies in the sealing of his grandparent's family.

"But once at the temple, Brent Egbert had a strong feeling the work should not be done," said Brother Curry. "We did not complete the ordinances; we left the temple that day puzzled."

On the way home, said Brother Curry, Sister Egbert wondered aloud if "someone could be missing from that group sheet."

"We decided to pray about it," said Brother Curry. "The very next day, Mom received a letter from one of her relatives. It contained an old letter written in 1934 by my grandfather, who had written `As soon as I go to the temple, I would like my adopted daughter, Juanita, to be sealed to us.'

"Mom began to cry and we knew why the ordinance had not been performed as planned. We joyously returned to the temple and had Juanita and her brothers sealed to their parents."