Missionary Moments: `Read the book’

As a young German woman I was never very interested in religion and certainly never thought of it as being part of my life.

I work in real estate and frequently need to travel about the country to check on properties. One rainy day I traveled 300 miles north of my office to take care of business. I also had to make a side trip to see about a broken elevator. When I arrived at the building there was no parking place available, so I parked illegally, ran in and said, "Yes, get it fixed," and ran out. As I walked out of the door, I felt impressed to walk into town. I thought, "That's silly. I need nothing from town," and dismissed it. Again, I felt impressed. I decided if I could find a parking place at the building, I'd walk into town. There were four open places to park, so there was nothing to do but go.Walking toward town, I kept my head down to avoid the light drizzle. When I looked up, in front of me were two young men dressed in suits. They began to question me about religion. I flatly told them I was not interested. They then asked me what I was interested in. I said I like to read.

"We have a book you might enjoy reading, would you like to have it?" they asked. I told them yes and they asked if I would promise to read it. Again, I said yes. They handed me the Book of Mormon and asked me where I lived so they could call on me. I said, "You would never find me. I live in a very small town 300 miles from here in Friedrichsdorf."

They smiled and said, "We know Friedrichsdorf." The Frankfurt Germany Temple is there.

Time passed, and I didn't read the book. Then one day as I was reading a novel I found uninteresting, I thought, "Read the book the young men gave you." I picked it up and began to read. I continued to read – for six hours. Thereafter, I would hurry home from work each night eager to read more. It was as though the book was a magnet pulling me toward it. I must admit I thought if I kept reading long enough that I would find something I didn't believe, but I could find nothing.

The next week the elders called at my door, and soon after I was baptized.