Holy Ghost: ultimate key

  • Bears truth of all things
  • Provides answers- Testifies of man's purpose

The ultimate key to knowing the truth of all things is the Holy Ghost, Elder Richard E. Turley Sr. of the Seventy declared.

"I have come to realize over the years that it is only through the power of the Holy Ghost that we can bridge the gap between uncertainty and certainty," he added.

Speaking Sunday afternoon, Elder Turley related the experience he and his wife had about 10 years ago when they hosted in their home one Sunday a graduate student from Harvard University. The young man's parents were joining the Church and he had come to Salt Lake City to see if the Church was "for real."

The student attended two sacrament meetings with Elder and Sister Turley, one where the latter two spoke, and then spent the remainder of the day at the Turley home discussing the gospel.

"We later had the opportunity to speak with his parents," Elder Turley recalled. "He had reported to them that indeed the Mormon Church is `for real.' He also mentioned to them that through his study of the Book of Mormon he was able to remove the doubts he had about Jesus Christ."

Elder Turley said as the young man, who claimed to be agnostic, concluded his reading of the Book of Mormon, he would have found the most important key to knowing truth. Elder Turley then read from the last chapter of Moroni: " . . . by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." (Moro. 10:5.)

"As I have reflected upon this young man from Boston, I have also thought of the many other young people who are searching, but do not yet know how to find the answers to many of life's questions. Young people are not living in a vacuum and, like all of us, are subjected to what the Apostle Paul called `every wind of doctrine.' (Eph. 4:14.)

"This marvelous restoration has provided that which we need to recognize misguided philosophies and lifestyles which, although politically and socially acceptable, are not pleasing to our Heavenly Father. If an agnostic by following Moroni's challenge could come to believe, others can also come to understand why we have this earth in the first place."

He then quoted Moses 1:30-31, 39, and added: "Philosophies abound which belittle man's position on this earth. In the account of Moses, even he thought after seeing the creations of God that man is nothing, but God made it clear to him that man is everything.

"Another example and source for our consideration is the Family Proclamation which the Brethren issued in 1995 and which very clearly delineates God's purpose and expectations for mankind.

"While the nations of the earth spend billions every year trying to discover more about the origins and purpose of the earth and its galaxy, the answer is right here. The earth was created for mankind to help us gain `immortality and eternal life.' The details of the creation are undoubtedly interesting, but much higher on the list of priorities is to learn more about our Creator and to accept His invitation to follow Him so that we, too, may achieve our full potential."