While rearing children, know: `love can make the difference’

At the October 1993 general conference, President Hinckley said that there are many who are wonderful parents and whose children are growing in righteousness. "Happy and productive will be their lives, and the world will be the better for them. I thank you and most warmly congratulate you. Surely you are fortunate," he said.

"But there are others – too many among our own – whose children, to quote the revelation, are growing up in wickedness' and whoseek not . . . the riches of eternity, but their eyes are full of greediness.' (D&C 68:31.) To these I make my appeal."It may not be easy. It may be fraught with disappointment and challenge. It will require courage and patience. . . . Love can make the difference – love generously given in childhood and reaching through the awkward years of youth. It will do what money lavished on children will never do.

"- And patience, with a bridling of the tongue and self-mastery over anger. The writer of Proverbs declared, `A soft answer turneth away wrath.' (Prov. 15:1.)

"- And encouragement that is quick to compliment and slow to criticize.

"These, with prayers, will accomplish wonders. You cannot expect to do it alone. You need heaven's help in rearing heaven's child – your child, who is also the child of his or her Heavenly Father.

"O God, our Eternal Father, bless the parents to teach with love and patience and encouragement those who are most precious, the children who have come from Thee, that together they might be safeguarded and directed for good and, in the process of growth, bring blessings to the world of which they will be a part, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."