This week in Church history


Mission progress in 1948 was featured in the Dec. 29, 1948, issue of the Church News, including an article about a new mission home in Japan.

"Expansion and development of the worldwide missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is perhaps the outstanding achievement of the year just closing — a year marked by unusual growth and development," one article stated.

One of the prominent stories of the year was the reopening of the Japanese Mission. The article reported that country's mission home is located near the heart of Tokyo, "surrounded by foreign diplomatic mission homes and facing the beautiful Arisugawa Park."

The two-story home had previously been the residence of a Japanese government official. It had been severely damaged by bombs during World War II, but was deemed to be structurally sound otherwise and was large enough to serve the Church's purpose, the article continued. "The overall arrangement of the building was well suited to the needs of the mission and the price of the property was reasonable."

The purchase was made in April 1948 with renovation of a small detached house beginning on May 1.

Work was virtually completed by Thanksgiving Day 1948 and the work of the mission was moved into the building after that.