How to feel at home as a single adult in a culture that emphasizes family

I've been single for all of my 46 years and a member of the Church for 21 years. My experience has been that many members who are single have feelings of inadequacy and being left out. I've found that life, and people, are much easier to deal with when you do the following:

  • Develop an eternal perspective and cultivate hope.
  • This just requires the basics: prayer, scripture study, Church and temple attendance, and living the commandments.

  • Accept callings.
  • Now matter what it is, you can always learn from a calling, if you try, and callings help you get to know the other members.

  • Develop a greater sense of self-worth and self-reliance.
  • Develop your interests and your job skills. Share your talents with the ward.

  • Do family history research and the related temple work.
  • With no Church members in my living family and no children, this has given me a great sense of family ties.

  • Attend and help out at Church activities.
  • Working with people is a great way to befriend them and let them get to know you.

  • Go to homemaking meeting, if you are a woman.
  • You can make friends there if you attend regularly.

  • Don't complain.
  • We are not in this world to see who has the biggest problems. Reach out and give service to others.

  • Smile and be sincerely friendly.
  • Nothing endears you more to other people.

    — Evelyn K. Young, Aurora, Colo.