Spotlight on historical sites


A mountain peak in eastern California honors the memory of a Mormon pioneer woman and thousands of other women who endured hardships in settling the West. In October 1993, the United States Board of Geographic Names named the 9,763-foot peak in the Sierra Nevada range after Melissa Coray, the wife of Mormon Battalion Sgt. William Coray. She accompanied her husband who was among 45 battalion men who in 1847 blazed a "highway" through Carson Pass, about 50 miles southwest of present-day Carson City, Nev.

In July 1994, the Sierra Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers sponsored the unveiling of a plaque on U.S. Highway 88, five miles west of the peak. The plaque, commemorating the "Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail," also makes reference to Melissa Coray. The trail was designated a National Historic Trail in August 1992 by a Congressional Act.