Spotlight on historic sites


Brigham Young promised the 500 men of the Mormon Battalion that none would ever die in battle. Though they endured adversity during their march from Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to California, the only "battle" they engaged in during the war with Mexico was with a herd of stampeding cattle in present-day Arizona. The cattle had escaped from a ranch, bred prolifically and become wild. At the San Pedro River, some wild bulls attacked the battalion, goring several mules and wounding two men.

A marker commemorates this incident today. To reach it, proceed north from Palominas, Ariz., on the main road four miles to Hereford Road. Turn west and go four miles to a section line road, then go 11 miles north to an intersection with a road from Sierra Vista. Turn right for 2.2 miles and cross the San Pedro River. The marker is east of the road a quarter-mile beyond the river.