New stake presidencies

The Logan Utah University 7th Stake has been created by Elder Alexander B. Morrison of the Seventy, and includes the Logan University 6th, 9th, 20th, 28th, 41st, 57th, and 58th wards.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela, and in California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

New Stakes

LOGAN UTAH UNIVERSITY 7TH STAKE: (March 21, 1999) Created from the Logan Utah University 2nd Stake. President — Steven Lee Stowers, 48, unit manager for Welfare Services/Deseret Industries; wife, Carol Ryan Stowers. Counselors — Gordon Jesse Low, 53, district judge for Utah; wife, Stephanie Phillips Low. C. Reed Ernstrom, 46, manager and owner of Doc's Cheese Co.; wife, Julie Robinette Ernstrom.

Stake Reorganizations

ALTOONA PENNSYLVANIA STAKE: (May 23, 1999) President — Tun N. Chin, 50, associate director of library computing services at Pennsylvania State University; succeeding Dale E. Monson; wife, Donna Wong Chin. Counselors — John D. Noey, 38, systems administrator for FCI Electronics; wife, Lorrie Ann Wyland Noey. Peter W.A. Roming, 33, research associate at Pennsylvania State University; wife, Teri Ann Losee Roming.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA EL SALITRE STAKE: (March 14, 1999) President — Alexis Alfonso Bareno C., 32, zone supervisor of maintenance and operations for Church area office; succeeding Orlando Moscoso Perez; wife, Stella Ines Leon S. de Bareno. Counselors — Rincon James Vergara, 36, systems manager for Church area office; wife, Astrid Fabiola Pinilla G. de Vergara. Jorge Enrique Vega A., 40, general accountant for Church area office; wife, Maritta Alicia Bonilla V. de Vega.

CARACAS VENEZUELA STAKE: (May 16, 1999) President — Abraham Quero P., 42, Church Educational System coordinator; succeeding Rafael Eduardo Pino Gimenez; wife, Alirica Orono V. de Quero. Counselors — Vianey Roman Villamizar G., 44, professor and researcher at Central University of Venezuela; wife, Marie Ines Valenzuela M. de Villamizar. Nestor Morales Y., 37, regional supervisor for Church area office; wife, Celene Avacelas Facenda P. de Morales.

CHIHUAHUA MEXICO STAKE: (Apr. 25, 1999) President — Juan Alberto Espinoza V., 44, bakery owner; succeeding Jesus Raul Torres Medina; wife, Isabel Paredes P. de Espinosa. Counselors — Juan Manuel Zamora R., 42, teacher; wife, Indra Oneida Torres R. de Zamora. Juan Fernando Arevalo R., 34, engineer supervisor of hydrology studies for Central Board of Water and Sanitation; wife, Amalia Cristina Ruiz H. de Arevalo.

GRIDLEY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 23, 1999) President — Weldon Bartlett Papa, 52, elementary school principal for Oroville Elementary School District; succeeding Albert Wayne Nielsen; wife Marie Fairbanks Papa. Counselors — Bruce Douglas Bowling, 50, dentist; wife, Alicia Arnold Francis Bowling. Darrell Duane Stewart, 42, teacher for Live Oak School District; wife, Leticia Laveve Quist Stewart.

GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA BOSQUES DE SAN NICOLAS STAKE: (Feb. 28, 1999) President — Luis Adolfo Garcia D., 31, sales executive for Application Systems; succeeding Cesar Antonio De Leon Cabrera; wife, Myriam Gralindo V. de Garcia. Counselors — Byron Erwin Jimenez J., 35, analyst; wife, Lucrecia Fuentes M. de Jimenez. Carlos David Reyes U., 44, technician; wife, Lilian Idalia Delgado M. de Reyes.

MINATITLAN MEXICO STAKE: (March 21, 1999) President — Arturo Poblete R., 44, assistant department manager for Mexican Petroleum; succeeding Armando Iturriaga Cruz; wife, Elizabeth Alvarado A. de Poblete. Counselors — Pablo Rinza H., 40, self-employed in air conditioning; wife, Maria Del Valle P. de Rinza. Cesar Dario Gutierrez T., 32, self-employed electrician; wife, Yazmin Aguilar A. de Gutierrez.

OMAHA NEBRASKA PAPILLION STAKE: (Apr. 25, 1999) President — Evan Louis Butler, retained. Counselors — Alan Reed Medaris, retained. Craig Gardner Sorensen, 60, project coordinator at University of Nebraska Medical Center; wife, Jolene Yardley Sorensen.

PEMBROKE VIRGINIA STAKE (FORMERLY NEW RIVER VIRGINIA STAKE): (Apr. 25, 1999) President — Scott Lynn Hendricks, 49, associate professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; succeeding J. Blair Meldrum; wife, Joyce Parry Hendricks. Counselors — Ted James Johnson Jr., 49, partner and marketing analyst for Mountain Investments; wife, Pamela Gail Taylor Johnson. Richard Lee Groesbeck, 47, research assistant at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; wife, Jacquelyn Carol Smith Groesbeck.

QUITO ECUADOR SANTA ANA STAKE: (May 16, 1999) President — Fabian Ignacio Vallejo P., 31, engineer for Philips Medical Systems; succeeding Juan Patricio Lascano Corrales; wife, Maria Lucila Vega E. de Vallejo. Counselors — Manuel Hernan Herdoiza P., 56, business owner; wife, Teresa Del Nino Jesus Utreras R. de Herdoiza. Edison Manuel Proano C., 33, registry specialist for Church area office; wife, Maria Eluira Zuleta B. de Proano.

PATZICIA GUATEMALA STAKE: (May 2, 1999) President — Ruben Meren A., 31, merchant; succeeding Carlos Antonio Guit Ajiquichi; wife, Roselia Ajsac M. de Meren. Counselors — Lorenzo Factor Rivera M., 28, security consultant for Secure Homes S.A.; wife, Mary Cruz Caraballo M. de Rivera. Adelaido Alonzo C., 27, small iron works contractor; wife, Maria Elizabeth Cujcuj P. de Alonzo.