New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created, in Nigeria, the Philippines and Utah.

The Ikot Akpaden Nigeria Stake, which includes the Asong, Ikot Ekong, Ikot Isighe, Okom and Awa Iman wards, and the Udo, Mkpat Enin and Nung Oku Ekanem branches, has been created by Elder Glenn L. Pace of the Seventy.

The Ormoc Philippines Stake, which includes the Albuera, Baybay, Isabel, Kananga, and the Ormoc 1st and 2nd wards, and the Merida and Palompon branches, has been created by Elder Sheldon F. Child of the Seventy.

The South Jordan Utah Highland Stake, which includes the Highland 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th wards, has been created by Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Arizona, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria and Peru.


IKOT AKPADEN NIGERIA STAKE: (June 27, 1999) Created from the Eket Nigeria Stake. President — Idem Adiaha Etuk, 54, principal of A.M.E. Zion; wife, Mary Harison Udo Etuk. Counselors — Joseph Evanson Ekanem, 38, self-employed businessman; wife, Comfort Evanson Ahpan Ekanem. Sunday Udo Josiah, 49, school supervisor; wife, Ima Anthony Ifoh Josiah.

ORMOC PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 27, 1999) Created from the Ormoc Philippines District. President — Reynaldo Salego Delante Sr., 57, self-employed; wife, Norma Canete Rebojo Delante. Counselors — Rodrigo Castanares Pacres, 49, planning manager LGU; wife, Azucena Pinar Castor Pacres. Arthur Rimata Villaflores, 51, security officer for OSA Land Bank of Philippines; wife, Alicia Bonsilao Villaflores.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH HIGHLAND STAKE: (June 13, 1999) Created from the South Jordan Utah Parkway Stake. President — Roger Glen Christensen, 45, budget officer for the Church; wife, Christine Cecilia Baker Christensen. Counselors — Fred Palmer Burton, 52, branch manager of Draper Bank & Trust; wife, Judy Ellen Oakeson Burton. Owen Karlyle Fox, 43, self-employed regional sales coordinator of AFLAC; wife, Katheryn Luke Fox.


ARACAJU BRAZIL CIDADE NOVA STAKE: (July 11, 1999) President — Jose Nogueira Fontes, 47, business representative for Assistance of Aracaju; succeeding Raulino Galrao Lima Junior; wife, Maria Irenice Fontes. Counselors — Abel R. Santos, 35, accounting manager; wife, Angela Maria Dos Santos. Luiz H. S. Piedade, 31, in military police service; wife, Maria Macaria Jose Dos Santos Piedade.

CHIMALTENANGO GUATEMALA STAKE: (July 11, 1999) President — Rafael Galindo Y., 32, internal auditor for Church area office; succeeding Juan Fernando Parada Diez; wife, Sandra Elizabeth Chivichon V. de Galindo. Counselors — Daniel Antonio Galvez B., 29, construction supervisor for planning for New San Martin; wife, Nelly Karina Martinez R. de Galvez. Edgar Esduardo Gonzalez A., 36, mechanic; wife, Mirna Aracela Ordonez R. de Gonzalez.

EKET NIGERIA STAKE: (June 27, 1999) President — Udo David Umoh, retained. Counselors — Mbong Afaha Mbong, 48, school vice principal; wife, Ibok Eunice Bassey Mbong. Ekanem Tom Akwaowo, 42, assistant for Federal Office of Statistics.

LIMA PERU LAS VIOLETAS STAKE: (Aug. 8, 1999) President — Jaime Daniel Carpio V., 36, general administrator for Mia Textile S.A.; succeeding Elias Humberto Alcantara Garcia; wife, Elva Liliana Conde A. de Carpio. Counselors — Eduardo Rey Salinas V., 29, merchant; wife, Beatriz Genoveva Geronimo R. de Salinas. Raul Filadelfo Rios T., 32, mathmetics teacher; wife, Celia Giovanna Quintanilla Q. de Rios.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO INDUSTRIAL STAKE: (June 20, 1999) President — Miguel Angel Reyes B., 37, supervisor of central installation for Mexico Telephone; succeeding Pedro Fernando Rodriguez Maury; wife, Irma Patricia Rodriguez E. de Reyes. Counselors — Alfredo Arturo Vargas H. , 38, finance consolidation manager for Nacobre Industries; wife, Ana Leticia Carrasco R. de Vargas. AlfonsoJaimo Villasenor M., 26, analyst, and consultant for Church area office; wife, Veronica Ayala J. de Villasenor.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO TLALPAN STAKE: (June 27, 1999) President — Lebardo De La Cruz R., 38, regional coordinator for education and culture; succeeding Pedro Gonzalez Celaya; wife, Virginia Valerio M. de De La Cruz. Counselors — Ernesto Flores J., 45, accountant for Church area office; wife, Noemi Velazquez M. de Flores. Oscar Flores O., 34, self-employed systems manager; wife, Maria Barbara Gonzalez M. de Flores.

PERTH AUSTRALIA SOUTHERN RIVER STAKE: (Aug. 15, 1999) President — Jonathon C. Maile, 32, self-employed business consultant; succeeding H. Stephen Palm; wife, Fiona Joyce Gibbs Maile. Counselors — Geoffrey J. Powell, 52, senior teacher for Western Australia education department; wife, Julie Madge Morrison Powell. Philip S. Watts, 37, clinical and forensic psychologist; wife, Bethywyn Norma Martin Watts.

PIURA PERU CENTRAL STAKE: (Aug. 15, 1999) President — Hector Miguel Zuniga P., 37, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Jose Luciano Paiva Correa; wife, Maria Elena Ruiz S. de Zuniga. Counselors — Juan Jose Prieto Hormaza, retained. Juan Carlos Bustamante Z., 33, attorney; wife, Gerera Patricia Caceros S. de Bustamante.

SANTIAGO CHILE LAS CONDES STAKE: (July 4, 1999) President — Lauro Luis de Santiago J. , 54, general manager for Tramaca Holding S.A.; succeeding Fernando Lamartine Aguila; wife, Marcela Troncoso V. de Santiago. Counselors — Carlos Enrique Aguilera V., 50, mechanical engineer for Bechtel Chile; wife, Teresa Del Carmen Lizama G. de Aguilera. Yuri Milton Cabeza S., 38, doctor; wife, Maria Patricia Pezoa D. de Cabeza.

TUCSON ARIZONA RINCON STAKE: (May 16, 1999) President — A. Lanoy Alston, 50, dentist; succeeding Clark Brent Theurer; wife, Virginia Webb Alston. Counselors — Daniel Albert Raehl, 52, sales representative for US Filter; wife, Katherine Jean Dickey Raehl. Rickey L. Nielsen, 49, art director for Tucson; wife, Michelle Bingham Nielsen.