Book revisits impact of Salt Lake tornado

On Aug. 11, at 12:45 p.m., a tornado touched down in downtown Salt Lake City, killing one man, injuring more than 80 and destroying 34 homes.

This rare Utah disaster is now captured in a book (112 pages, 90 photos) as seen through Deseret News and Church News photographers and reporters. To order, call (800) 603-4664 or order online at Price is $19.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling. (Profits from sale of this book will be donated to tornado relief efforts.)

Salt Lake City's Tornado of '99 tells in word and pictures the story of the unexpected tornado. Among the injured and those with damaged or destroyed homes were many Latter-day Saints. As the twister cut through the city, it passed over the construction site of the Church's new Conference Center north of Temple Square, crumpling scaffolding and toppling the top half of a construction crane. Decades-old trees were uprooted and splintered, including the "Sweetheart Tree" on the southeast corner of the Salt Lake Temple, where newly married couples traditionally posed for photographs.