How to help young men develop testimonies of missionary work

  • Set the foundation when they are young.
  • We all need to be taught and realize that young men serving missions is a commandment, just as much as going to Church, paying tithing, etc. We should, in talking to our young men about missionary service, use "when," not "if."

  • Go to the farewells and homecomings of missionaries who are your friends or are in your families.
  • That's a time when young men can feel the spirit of missionary work and hear what it's like to be a missionary. We need to realize that there can be positive peer pressure. Our young men can see a cousin or friend in the ward go on a mission and come home and hear them describe their experiences.

  • Use family home evenings to discuss mission work.
  • Use experiences shared by those in your family or friends who have served missions.

  • Be honest with young men.
  • Let them know a mission is hard work but there are lots of great experiences to compensate for the challenges.

  • Read scripture stories as a family about missionaries.
  • I remember hearing about Ammon and the sons of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon when I was young.

  • Be a positive influence.
  • Teachers of young men need to realize what an impact they have on young people. Sometimes, teenagers will listen to teachers even more than they might to parents.

In my experience, it was neat watching missionaries you looked up to come home from missions. I remember feeling the Spirit when hearing returned missionaries speaking in Church.

They sometimes gave lessons in our priests quorum. I also remember my Dad talking about his mission and my grandfather's mission. — William K. Sheffield, South Ogden, Utah