She quilts to make others happy

SPOKANE, Wash. — During the Great Depression in the 1930s, Betty Hastings learned to "waste not, want not." Using old flour sacks, the young mother made sheets and even underwear for her family. Any piece of scrap material she could find, she found a use for.

Now 85 years old and a member of the Greenbluff Ward, Spokane Washington North Stake, she still won't waste a good piece of material. She just makes it part of a quilt. She's made more than 80 in the past three years.

And now she knows why.

When the Presiding Bishopric announced in July a need for quilts for Kosovar refugees, she told her bishop to come get her quilts. "Bishop [Tom] Cavanaugh came here to see my quilts. I had a whole pile in the living room. He was astounded," she said during a telephone interview.

And they aren't just any quilts. They are lined with blankets she buys at a thrift store.

"We packed the 80 away to go to the Church," she related. "I've done three more since then and if the Church needs more, I'll make more. I am thrilled to know the Church needed them. I want to make more. If it's going to make somebody happy, that's good. I'm going to keep doing this as long as the material flows in. I don't call it work."